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*Official* Group A General Discussion


Global Moderator
Sri Lanka beat New Zealand
Pakistan beat Australia

Pakistan finish top of their group!

Then Bangladesh beat South Africa, and West Indies beat India by 300 runs. India ends up 4th in group B on NRR resulting in a Pakistan vs India quarter final.:ph34r:
:laugh: See I could live with a Pak/Ind QF if the above results took place. Even though I'd likely die of a heart attack during the QF, it would be worth it to see those upsets.


International Captain
Interesting to note, there are scattered thunderstorms forecast for the Australia-Pakistan match.

If there is a N/R there, the two possible outcomes from Group A are:

Sri Lanka beats NZ
1. Australia 10
2. Sri Lanka 9 (would beat out Pakistan on NRR)
3. Pakistan 9
4. New Zealand 8

NZ beats Sri Lanka
1. New Zealand 10 (would beat out Australia on wins)
2. Australia 10
3. Pakistan 9
4. Sri Lanka 7

So Australia guaranteed a top 2 place.
Pakistan guaranteed 3rd place. Probably India. :o
Works for me. Go thunderstorms! :thumbsup:


Not Terrible
Well, I've plotted New Zealand's path to winning the World Cup. Nostradamus has spoken - these are the nine no-nonsense guaranteed steps to World Cup glory. Place your bets now. Doubters be warned.

Step 1) Beat Kenya.
Step 2) Do the expected thing and lose to Australia. Do not under any circumstances beat Australia, as this will cause teams to mentally move NZ from 'speed bump' to 'possible threat'. It's important not to peak early.
Step 3) Tactical loss to Zimbabwe, confirming to everyone that New Zealand are a bunch of complete no-hopers with no chance whatsoever in the tournament.
Step 4) Batsmen get themselves into form with a confidence boosting 320 batting first against Pakistan. Then bowlers bowl half volleys and half-trackers to Abdul Razzaq and Shahid Afridi as Pakistan get there in 37 overs.
Step 5) Manage to beat Canada comfortably, despite John Davison scoring a quick 70 from 40 balls.
Step 6) Narrowly beat an understrength Sri Lanka (who have already qualified) and sneak into the quarter finals on net run rate.
Step 7) Somehow end up playing the West Indies in the quarter finals. They have one of their off days and self destruct batting first. NZ limp to 153/6 in entirely unconvincing fashion and take the match.
Step 8) Play South Africa in the semi final. They enter the match as overwhelming favourites and do what South Africa does best.
Step 9) The Indian papers have already printed their celebratory headlines for the next day. But MS Dhoni has a nervous breakdown under the pressure while NZ play out of skins and beat India in the final. The stars align... This is just going to be the 1-in-20 day when everything goes right.

<Picture of Vettori holding up the trophy>
Step 1) Yes
Step 2) Yes
Step 3) No
Step 4) We did score a good chunk of runs against Pakistan but managed to defend it
Step 5) Thrashed Canada
Step 6) Lost to Sri Lanka though so no
Step 7) West Indies coooould play us...


State Captain
West Indies basically need to win and we play them. There are a few other extenuating circumstances but I think that's the basic gist of it

straw man

International Coach
Yeah hasn't gone quite to plan. Still cross all fingers and toes for the Windies to beat India so we (might) get to play them.

Maybe we peaked too early against Pakistan :dry:


The Tiger King
Sri Lanka beat New Zealand
Pakistan beat Australia

Pakistan finish top of their group!

Then Bangladesh beat South Africa, and West Indies beat India by 300 runs. India ends up 4th in group B on NRR resulting in a Pakistan vs India quarter final.:ph34r:
Pakistan do beat Australia today.


International Captain

Anyway, it looks like we will be playing South Africa in the quarter finals. So we are ****ed basically and its not like we can exploit a one dimensional attack like they used to be. They are no longer just a pace attack but they have some quality spin bowlers as well. You would have to think that for us to have any chance everything would have to click and someone like McCullum would have to put out an IPL 152* performance.
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Not Terrible
NZ to win by 7 wickets or 150 runs. Their choking + our semi final dash to come together in a beautiful beautiful moment.

straw man

International Coach
Struggling very much to be optimistic at all about the NZ quarter final versus South Africa. Perhaps zinzan is right and we are ever so slightly fortunate to be facing SA rather than India, but it will likely be the difference between being beaten with a wooden club or a baseball bat.

We've lost badly to any team that have attacking bowlers with a little special *something*. Australia had 3 and SL had 3. South Africa have those too.

Like Mike5181 says it would take something very special from one of our batsmen to score the runs to make this competitive. Has to be someone in the top 4 - I can't go past Taylor as our best chance. Fewer concerns about the bowling providing Mills and Vettori are fit.