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  • Hey mate - trying to organise a backyard cricket test match on Sunday 15th March - no abilities required. Wondered if you might be interested.
    Where are you today? Similar spot? Hurricane and I are sitting under the 4th pohutakawa from the Kent Terrace end toilet block.
    Sorry mate - had to leave early as the baby needed to get home for a good sleep. I'll be along tomorrow without the entourage though, so hopefully we can catch up then.
    Had a look for you. Couldn't see you - perhaps you were out of your seat at the time. I'm up on the top of the bank at the scoreboard end. Behind the left arm over bowler's arm.
    Yeah - probably on the weekend days. Not the biggest drawcard this Test match, so I doubt i'll be going during the week. Not far off now.
    Hey mate - are you planning on going to the Test match in the New Year? If so, which days are you thinking of going?
    No need to apologise mate. Was just passing through at the start of a pub crawl. Plunket Shield cricket at the Basin soon - might head along to a couple of afternoons here and there.
    Sweet. I'll pop into the R&V after work next Friday. Easy enough to do. 16Tins and I have a plan to head along to the Basin after work sometimes when the weather's good in order to watch the final session of any domestic cricket which happens to be on. Definitely an opportunity to make that a bigger thing on the days you're available.
    Aha! I wondered what you were up to. Well, the Rogue and Vagabond is a nice place to catch up for a beer. I might pop in and say hi on Friday afternoon if you're working then. I work on Vivian Street on Fridays, so the R&V is just round the corner. Not sure how many CWers are in Wellington these days as Athers and Smudge have both moved on. 16Tins is around as is Hurricane. I'm sure they could be convinced to catch up for a beer.
    Yeah, gutted about the boxing day test not going to the Basin. What's the atmosphere like for a decent Baseball game? The game itself doesn't float my boat but the crowds often look pretty engaged. Gizza shout when you're back in Wellington and I'll buy you a Sol or two.
    Twas epic actually, mate. The weather was perfect - about 16-18 degrees for all three days and I managed not to fall out of the canoe/kayak at any point (the same thing cannot be said of the two other guys who did it with me who managed to come out twice each). The only issue was the limited hours of daylight which meant that we arrived at the DoC huts each night just as it was getting dark. How's Canada?
    Just wondered. A few mates and I are heading up to the Whanganui River mid-May to canoe down it. We've got one space in the car if you were interested to join in.
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