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*Official* First Test at Trent Bridge


U19 12th Man
Hmmmm, I wonder since it is such a "stunning spectator sport" with "eye catching athletes" how come the rest of the world hasn't wanted a piece of it?? Just saying.

It's all relative, that's what you see in a game that you obviously follow......not everyone will see what you see in a sport.
Um, because it wasn't born in a superpower nation that culturally shaped and exported things to much of the planet at a formative stage?

Also that's not necessarily my view of the game, it is how the game is considered by the wider populace, hence its extreme popularity across much of the country. Its appeal as a spectator sport is one of its perceived greatest strengths. I'm giving you a picture of how it is received and considered as a product, so you have an idea of the magnitude of challenge other sports are facing at the minute - that this isn't all some glaring failing on CA's part alone.
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U19 12th Man
TBH I reckon it's better for world cricket as a whole if Australia is strong.

But that's because I reckon it's better for world cricket as a whole if all teams are strong.

Nobody wants to watch absolute mismatches series after series; bunched-up world rankings (preferably with Australia on top because I can't be completely objective :p) is the best thing for the game of cricket as a whole. And to be fair, that is where cricket is right now. All of the top 8 nations are capable of beating each other on their respective days and have produced some great cricket in recent times. England deservingly go into this series as favourites, but we're definitely not looking at the complete mismatches that were 2001 and 2010/11.

This 'without 'Straya dominating Test cricket will die' rubbish is absolute bull**** though; add nationalistic on top of the 'arrogant crap' label.
The guy does raise an important issue though - there is some degree of danger in Australian cricket's current predicament, in that if it is the start of something more permanent, the game could lose the ashes as a centrepiece contest. That would be a hammer blow to test cricket. Cricket has stayed relevant in its heartland, the same may not be true down under.


U19 12th Man
Like if we're being honest (no disrespect to other the nations), the world only really watches when the ashes are on. Like, the world cup is big, but if we're calling test cricket the ultimate, the Ashes is the ultimate of the ultimate. It is the original cricket contest. I have always found it hard on that level to imagine being a supporter of a nation besides Eng/Aus, because the game is unique in having an imbalance of occasion like that - and international players from all over have alluded to this many times before. They envy not being a part of that. And it's bloody stupid that the game is culturally slanted like this. It's like the FIFA world cup being limited to two sides. This is why a test championship could be the best thing to ever happen to the game. An unequivocally definitive contest. An actual world cup, not this limited overs substitute tosh. This has been far too long in coming.

The Ashes has always been the banner series in this sport, but aside from bizarrely alienating other sides, it has always relied on its participants being cricketing nations. Until just recently, they have been such. We're now for the first time seeing a seismic shift in the entire sporting landscape of one of them, which has a lot to do with the country being young and ever-developing. There is, however remote it may seem, a chance that cricket doesn't hold on as a big part of Aussie culture and the Ashes suffers as a global cultural cornerstone. Right now, that's a really bad thing for test cricket. Not because test cricket needs Australia, but because it needs the Ashes. The ICC has made a rod for its own back with this. I really hope the test championship comes around and is a roaring success so the game and evolve and become more inclusive culturally around, in my opinion, the only form of the game to write home about.


Cricketer Of The Year
Reckon Australia will win this match. Their preparation with the 'A' team matches and the two tour matches has been far more extensive than England's one warm-up game against a very weak side.

Also, Rogers selected after top run-scoring in Division One of the County Championship shows that he is a smart bet to do well in the series. One should never underestimate the impact of form in relevant format and relevant conditions.
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School Boy/Girl Captain
Anyone who thinks Pattinson and Siddle are similiar and shouldn't B? in the same team have no idea.Using his logic Dizzy and Mc Grath shouldn"t be in the same team.Btw I think the only bowler in the squad who is similiar †?? " Patto is Harris.


International Captain
the Ashes is the ultimate of the ultimate.
No, it isn't. It's the third ranked team in the world playing the fourth ranked team in the world.

As a neutral I'd rather watch a series involving South Africa, but I'm looking forward to this series because I think the two teams are evenly matched and there could be some exciting matches.


Evil Scotsman
Sky's "experts" combined XI:






Norwood's on Fire
If it's not the ultime then why does it have its own subforum? Pretty conclusive proof IMO :p


Hall of Fame Member
Watching a replay of the second day in Sydney in 95...Angus Fraser was batting at no 7! And Devon was no 10 lol

Cleared out my bet365 account for a few bets, Aussies to win the first test, 2-1 to Australia series score and Harris for most wickets


Cricketer Of The Year
LOL, just goes to show in most cases the so called "experts" don't know diddly squat........you'll find more insightful comments on here than you will from any TV pundit.

2 of those names are by no means starters for the Aussie 11 so how the **** do they make a combined team??? I'd take Watson if he can bat at 6 and bowl 15-20 overs an innings otherwise he can **** off as an opener......Compton or Root are far better opening options. Warner wouldn't even get in my England second 11 so they are on drugs with his choice, it's the same TV "experts" that have created the hype around him......when are they going to realise he's a spud?? And Starc is the biggest LOL.......I think we've got the swing bowling covered quite adequately, I'd take Harris or Bird we'll before him.

Agree with your assessment Ginger, the only players that would make a combined team of mine would be Clarke, Patto and Watson (but only batting at 6 and a 5th bowler).


Hall of Fame Member
They constrained themselves by only choosing between the two players they thought would bat in that position.

I think it was Nasser and Tom Moody doing the batters and for some reason they decided it was really close between Prior and Haddin and only chose Prior because they had chosen Warner over Bairstow


Cricketer Of The Year
for some reason they decided it was really close between Prior and Haddin
What a joke.....seems people have forgotten how **** Haddin was before he got dumped. Prior is the best in the business......Haddin not fit to lace his boots IMO.