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*Official* English Football Season 2022/23


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Yes ok, I'm sure he's done some stuff, in units of 11 people, which comprised 10 others. He might have even contributed himself. He's also not very good any more.

I'm here to clarify things lads, leave it to me.
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Seems fairly clearly one-sided to give credit to the team when he's winning and single him out when he's not.
Yeah that's not what I was doing although it probably read like it. It did seem weird to point out he'd made a World Cup final and some other things (with a team, mostly with France, and I did point out that he might have contributed) to rubbish the notion that he's been crap for a while, which he clearly has at Spurs where he usually plays. How long he's been crap for Spurs is up for debate. I'd say a good while longer than half a season.
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There was a moment in the derby when Rashford was clean through, Ederson came out and didn’t get there but drove Rashford wide and his shot was blocked. The commentators here were going after Ederson like he’d made a massive blunder and got away with it. But if he hadn’t come out Rashford would’ve had a much, much easier finish. They were talking bollocks.

I say Lloris was underrated at his peak because he was sweeper keeping before it was common, and got that kind of criticism from idiots constantly. Also because he made both great saves and big mistakes. Keepers who don’t do either are rated higher even if it means letting in more goals.


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Lies, damned lies and stats, etc, but his save percentages suggest a downward trend:

19/20 - 79.4%
20/21 - 71.4%
21/22 - 71.0%
22/23 - 66.3%
I don’t love that stat but looking over the results they do mostly pass the smell test. It works a bit better now that most teams have a similar-ish style.

For context 71% is above average and 79% is ridiculously good.


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5 and a half hours between these teams without a goal, thrilling stuff, when's the pens?
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Is there a word for cameo but, like, remarkable for how awful it was in a short space of time? Because that word really should apply to Chukuwameka in the last fifteen minutes.


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Only watched the second half but Liverpool were like a technically better Tranmere. Lots of play in the opposition half without any good final balls or real nailed on chances. Chelsea probably should have put one of theirs away.


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Reid and Norwood score the first two goals of the 3 o'clock kick-offs, both ex-exeter, one nicknamed "shagger" by his team-mates, ultimate accolade obviously.


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View attachment 34290

The time Duncan Ferguson cost more than Romario, Mihajlovic, Deschamps, Rui Costa and Ronaldo? :mellow:
Several things:

Using transfermarkt as an ultimate source is wrong when a lot of fees they have listed in their database are just flat out wrong.

Standardising transfer fees which would have been reported in multiple currencies into one which didn't exist in 94/95 is dubious.

Ferguson had cost Rangers £4m in summer 1993 which was a British record at the time. He'd had his issues on and off the field with us but he had an excellent loan spell at Everton and at the time we were a much bigger club who absolutely would not have worn a loss on him, particularly as he was (from memory) 23 at the time he moved south. Leeds were in for him at something like £3.25m in 1993, so £4.5m for a player of Ferguson's age and potential was completely fair.

Strikers always go for more money than any other position on the field. I'd argue it wasn't until Makelele a decade later that holding midfielders started being properly valued for the role they play (and even then Real Madrid definitely undervalued him when they sold him to Chelsea), so Ferguson costing more than Deschamps in particular is nothing surprising. Deschamps was also leaving Marseille, who were embroiled in a match-fixing scandal from 1992/93, clubs in that position don't get full value for their players.

Mihajlovic's fee is ****ing massive for a defender in 1994/95, likewise I'm sure Ronaldo's fee given he is 17 or 18 is huge as well so they're bad comparisons.

Romario was an undisciplined party animal that Barcelona were fed up with, hence his lower than expected fee. Also bear in mind that UEFA competitions had a 3 foreigner rule until the Bosman ruling overturned that rule in 1995/96 and several leagues (definitely Italy, possibly Spain) had their own foreign player restrictions; a top team like Milan who off the top of my head already have Boban, Savecevic, Desailly, possibly Gullit (he spent a couple of years moving between Milan and Sampdoria around this time),and I think still have van Basten on the books although his ankle was done. Signing a Brazilian from Spain was nowhere near as straightforward logistically as it would be now.