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**Official Discussion Thread for American Samoa Friendly**

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'm also surprised to make the squad. Although I don't think I'll be the starting keeper. However, if I get a chance I hope to do my country proud.

Congratulations to everyone and I'm sure we can get a first up win in our debut match.


International Debutant
Glad to make the squad and good luck to everyone who is selected in the team, I'm sure CricketWeb will be proud.

Congrats to all selected in the squad.

Blewy said:
The Lucky men in the squad were Darren Dubb-Lynch and George Roberts who were both suspended after round 7 but will be available for the International due to missing Round 8 league fixtures
I'm thankful for that. Finally some luck comes along for me (I've been very unlucky recently). Bad luck Neil.


Hall of Fame Member
Congrats to all selected and comiserations to those that missed out.

The squad was picked to reflect a combinaion of talent, performance and attitude that would give CWLand the best chance of winning this debut fixture.

Lets go out there and make history.


International Debutant
Great to be selected, very much looking forward to it. Hope I can get on the pitch at some point.

I play for the Dynamo, though, not Northside. :)

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Haha, did a Beckham there and bought that last yellow card. Great to be selected, hopefully we can hammer the Samoans.

ash chaulk

International Captain
Hard to believe that ive made the squad after my clubs performances.

Congrats to everyone else in the squad.


Hall of Fame Member
Starting Line-Up for CW's 1st Ever International Game

As the anticipation of tomorrows inaugral CW International Football game builds, the starting line-up has been released.

Captain, Kev Gough decided on a traditional 4-4-2 but decided to attack the American Samoans.

He said
"We don't believe they have the players to hurt us in attack and therefore we are confident of leaving our defenders to deal with whatever situations arise and really go for goals with our talented forwards"

On the use of substitutions. he added

"The aim is to have cover in defense and midfield for any injuries or sending offs that may occur. Apart from this, it is important for us to get Dravid on later in the game. Also if the score is in our favour we will try to get the backup keeper on the field. It is important to win this game, but it is just as essential to view it as a celebration of our arrival onto the international stage. As such, it would be nice to get all our 3 allowed subs on the field at some stage to experience the game"

Starting Line-up

GK Kyle_Wright
DF D_Dubb-Lynch
DF Brendon_Goff
DF Jamee_Gray
DF Daniel_Rai
MF Zac_Gelman
MF Nathan_Hoy
MF Dave_Richards
MF G_Roberts
FW Kev_Gough capt
FW David_Kennett pk


International Debutant
We're gonna stomp on them. :} Stoked to be in the starting lineup, can't wait to walk out onto the pitch in that CW shirt.


Hall of Fame Member
Overjoyed to be in the team, great to be playing with my Dynamo Comrade Danny Rai at the back, and with George and the Kennett-machine.



International Captain
Bit disappointed to miss out on a spot in the starting XI, mainly because it means I miss Power games and lose valuable match time. However congratulations to those selected and I wish them the best of luck. It certainly looks like a very strong team and should easily sweep aside American Samoa. Best of luck guys!

Mister Wright

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Very happy to be selected in the starting line-up. It was not something I was expecting, but I hope I can take this opportunity with both hands...:p

We have a very solid team on paper. Hopefully we can be strong on the field.

Good luck.


Cricketer Of The Year
Cricketweb Land vs American Samoa
At The Cricketweb Stadium

CW Land stepped out against American Samoa in their debut International. Expectations were high and a capacity crowd of 65,000 turned out to greet the sides.

CW Land stepped out as slight favourites, however their was a touch of confidence from the American Samoans who were looking for only their 2nd ever International victory.