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**Official Discussion Thread for American Samoa Friendly**


Cricketer Of The Year
Discuss the upcoming Friendly against American Samoa here...

The 20 Man train-on Squad will be announced later today.


International Regular
Unfortunately it is obvious no Northern Power player will be picked for the 20 man squad.

Crying shame as we have great potential with Pete and Tharmi acorss the back, and Dave up front.

Unfortunaltey for us, we can;'t compete with the other teams in better positions on the ladder. ..... under cover work has potentially shown that the likes of Gough and Smith are under the influence of drugs.

More to come from bias reporters in the future. :cool:


International Regular
Perm said:
Let's take this outside.
Rumour has it that you are a 7 foot 5, 165 kilogram giant goalie.....

I think i'll just slag you on the pitch, hey.

I thank you for a quiet bevy outside, though.



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
That's right, plus I have an earring which makes me ultra tough. Nothing wrong with some on field "mental disentigration". Anyway back on topic, if I have a good game today then I hope that puts me in contention for the 20 man train on squad.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
pinchy81 said:
i doubt that
Why? We have had 3 cleansheets if I remeber correctly. Plus I haven't had to make many saves which says alot for our defenders.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Given the clean sheets situation, i'd be suprised if you weren't included tbh.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Dravid said:
Announce the squad already please, I'm getting nervous
We're waiting for the ISL v CEN game to be simmed because Swell were late with their teamsheet i believe.


Cricketer Of The Year
Gough to Lead Cricketweb in First Ever International

Island Swell Captain Kev Gough has been named as the First ever Captain of the Cricketweb National Football side by the FA today.

Gough will lead the nation in its First ever international appearance against American Samoa in the coming weeks, whilst Nathan Hoy has been selected as his deputy.

The Squad announced today was sprinkled with players from all sides.. With plenty of competition across the park. Central United dominated selections with 5 players, whilst the major talking point being competition leaders Western Dynamo were only gaining 3 spots.

The Selection Committee telling the large Press contingent that although the national team would be represented by the majority of this squad, there was still and opportunity for players outside the 20 to gain a start with impressive performances in the coming weeks.

The 20 Man Squad is as Follows:


S Jasotharan (Island Swell)
Zac Ritchie (Central United)
Kyle Wright (Southern Stallions)


Darren Dubb-Lynch (Central United)
Brendon Goff (East Coast Fury)
Nico Borcic (Island Swell)
T Loganathan (Northside Power)
Daniel Rai (Western Dynamo)
Tarick Weber (Central United)
Simon Fitzsimmons (East Coast Fury)


Zac Gelman (Central United)
Nathan Hoy (East Coast Fury) (Vice-Captain)
Dave Richards (Island Swell)
G Roberts (Western Dynamo)
Andrew Cloete (Northside Power)
Ash Chaulk (Southern Stallions)


David Kennett (Western Dynamo)
Kev Gough (Island Swell) (Captain)
Nitin Dravid (East Coast Fury)
Daniel Smith (Central United)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Good to see a fair number of Central players in that squad. Well done to those in there.


International Regular
Congrats to everyone that made the squad. Good to see a couple of Power players in there.


International Captain
Delighted to be in the squad. Congrats to everyone else that made it too, especially Tharmi. Well done to Goughy, a very worthy captain and I'm sure he'll lead us well. Not expecting to make the team but I'm delighted to be involved in the train-on squad.