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If you could get some coaching ... who would you get it from?


International Coach
If you all had the opportunity to get some coaching in batting, bowling, fielding and captaincy, which international cricketer would you get it from? It can be anyone from the past or present. Remember, just because they are the most talented doesn't mean they would be the best coach. No one would want batting technique tips from Sehwag. I can imagine certain pace demons like Shoaib Akhtar not being as approachable as say a Andrew Flintoff or Rahul Dravid. The fact that Chappell is the only national coach right now who is an all-time great cricketer shows that it's not just about cricketing ability. So, who would you choose?



International Coach
Batting: Rahul Dravid
Bowling: Imran Khan
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Stephen Fleming


Global Moderator
Batting: Jacques Kallis
Bowling: Greg Matthews
Fielding: Jamie Siddons
Captaincy: Shane Warne/Greg Matthews


International Coach
Batting: Kallis
Bowling: Warne (I'm a legspinner)
Fielding: Ponting
Captaincy: Taylor


International 12th Man
Batting: Rahul Dravid
Bowling: Waqar Younis
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy and mental disintegration ;): Steve Waugh


International Vice-Captain
Batting: Rahul Dravid
Bowling: Erapalli Prasanna
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Mike Brearley


World Traveller
Batting: Geoff Boycott
Bowling Michael Holding/Sir Richard Hadlee
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Ian Chappell


International Regular
Batting: Kallis
Bowling: Michael Holding
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Clive Lloyd


International Coach
Batting: Neil Fairbrother (for attacking shots), Mike Atherton (for defensive)
Bowling: Shane Warne
Fielding: Johnty Rhodes
Captaincy: Mike Atherton


Hall of Fame Member
Batting: Bradman
Bowling: Lillee/Warne
Fielding: Ponting
Captaincy: Border/Warne


Hall of Fame Member
Batting: Mark or Steve waugh
Bowling: Warney
Fielding: punter
captaincy: punter..just kidding- tubby


Three choose themselves for me, but fielding is harder. Rhodes is probably the best I've seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be the best coach. It's probable he was just a supremely gifted athlete.

Batting: Geoffrey Boycott
Bowling: Dennis Lillee (I'm a pish seamer...)
Captaincy: Mike Brearley (would love to have spoken to DR Jardine too tho)
Fielding: Mike Young (not an international cricketer, but Australia's fielding went to pot when he got the heave-ho)


Cricket Web Content Updater
Batting: Sunil Gavaskar
Bowling: Dennis Lillee
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Saurav Ganguly or Steve Waugh


Hall of Fame Member
Batting :- G Vishwanath/Azharuddin
Bowling:- W Akram
Fielding:- Rhodes
Captaincy:- Dont need one. ;)


Global Moderator
Batting: Rahud Dravid
Bowling: Wasim Akram
Fielding: Jonty Rhodes
Captaincy: Imran Khan