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  • Sanz, I appreciate the fact that you're trying to defend the mods in the Site Discussion thread, but the manner in which you did it in your last post is not desirable. It will only lead to hard feelings between you and the other member and it will lead to the derailment of that thread. As such, I've deleted that post. I hope you understand the reasoning behind this.
    Thanks for taking a positive attitude towards the issue Sanz. I appreciate your response.
    Ah, I see. You got an infraction for the post you made in the “A plea for non-discrimination” thread. You specifically called out two members in that thread in a way that is not allowed. I think you know Sanz that the rule is not to directly or indirectly insult/call out other members. If you have issues with their posting, please report it and we will take action if necessary. Calling out members like that only leads to flame wars and derailment of threads across the forum. The issue doesn’t just stay between the warring members (which is bad enough by itself), but ruins the experience of other neutral parties because their favorite threads are taken over by the back and forth. Hence the infraction. Let me know if you have any further questions on this.
    Sanz, if you have an issue with a post or a member, please email us rather than comment on the thread itself. Discussions about who/what deserves an infraction is only going to derail the thead.
    Sanz - with regards to your post regarding Prince EWS in the India/SL tour thread, most of the moderation team missed this at the time, but have since had the opportunity to look at the posts referred to in your comment, and those leading up to them. The consensus within the team has been that we are very much in agreement with Prince EWS's assessment of the situation at the time.

    More pertinently, the manner in which you have made this point - a personal attack on the competence/fairness of a single moderator - is inappropriate. If you have concerns, please contact the moderators@cricketweb.net email account, or James directly. If you have a concern about a post that you consider is baiting or trolling, please use that same email account or the report post function. I note despite saying there was consistent baiting, you have not felt that there was anything worth drawing to the moderators' attention via the report post function, prior to your quoted comments.

    Apologies it's taken me a while to respond, but re: Ganguly comments. If the mod team does feel a member is making comments about a player purely for spam/baiting/trolling reasons, we will take action. For the most part, however, negative/scathing (for want of a better word) comments are made about a wide range of players on a daily basis on CW (obviously some more than others), and seeing as they aren't necessarily directed at members, it isn't something we see as a major concern. In saying that, if you do feel someone has crossed the line, please don't hesitate to report the post, and we will take action if we see fit :)

    With regards to the "CW Gossip" thread, I understand the circumstances, and don't doubt what you state. I think at this time, so recently after the whole Pratters' issue, that we need to leave some time for wounds to heal. I don't think that the thread will help anyone, and I don't think that anyone sees you as having done anything wrong. :)
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