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Group F - Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Who will qualify from the group?

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Cricket Web Owner
23 November 2022
Belgium v Canada

23 November 2022
Morocco v Croatia

27 November 2022
Belgium v Morocco

27 November 2022
Croatia v Canada

1 December 2022
Croatia v Belgium

1 December 2022
Canada v Morocco


The Tiger King
Pretty tough grouping for Canada. There is a lot of excitement here in Canada about making the first World Cup since 1986, and this time the team is apparently much better. But getting friggin Belgium and Croatia in their first 2 games might mean an early flight home.


It's a bit of a smeller, yeah. Maybe four years too early for the Canuckians.

In their favour though Belgium are an ageing team, but still have a lot of quality, probably too much for yer Maples just now.

Croatia on a very decent run of form just now too.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well, with penalty taking like that, I'd say Vancouver's NHL team may well have a better chance of scoring.

Everton Seymour

U19 Debutant
Hugely impressive opening half hour from Canada.
I disagree, their final third play has been shocking...You can't dominate a team like that and not score , I mean I found myself so frustrated with Canada they had Belgium on their knees ...Then Batshuayi showed them what being clinical is all about. Midfield is brilliant but the finishing has been awful.


Cricketer Of The Year
if they can find someone to keep their head in the final thrid, they'll equalise this before long.