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Experience Draft


International Debutant
I've just had another new idea for a test match draft with players being eligible for different rounds based on the number of test matches that they have played over the course of their careers. Their will be 11 rounds with the teams being put to a forum vote and possibly a sim.


1. 1-10 tests
2. 11-20 tests
3. 21-30 tests
4. 31-40 tests
5. 41-50 tests
6. 51-60 tests
7. 61-70 tests
8. 71-80 tests
9. 81-100 tests
10. 101-120 tests
11. 121+ tests

I will put up the draft order after we've got all the people playing. New orders will be set on rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 with the reverse of the order of the previous round for even numbered rounds. I think this will work well with up to ten contenders so please sign up if you are interested.

Sign up List

1. Michaelf7777777
2. Agent TBY
3. marc 71178
4. The Sean
5. Noble One
6. fredfertang
7. Pothas
8. metallics2006
9. Marcuss
10. Blakus
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International Debutant
1st Round Order (1-10 Tests) - will reverse for Round 2 (11-20 tests)

1. Noble One
2. The Sean
3. metallics2006
4. Michaelf7777777
5. Marcuss
6. fredfertang
7. marc 71178
8. Pothas
9. Agent TBY
10. Blakus

Noble One is up and has 12 hours to make his pick

Noble One

International Vice-Captain
First up I will select Barry Richards.

One of the best first class cricketers to ever grace the South African, England and Australian domestic competitions. Fantastic record in his four test matches, a player who was good enough to make Sir Don Bradman's greatest ever team. WAG


Y no Afghanistan flag
Hey I didn't make the cut but will follow with interest.

Just wondering what happens with the current players like Iain O'Brien who is playing in his 20th match but could be playing his 21st Test in 6 days time.


State Vice-Captain
Just a quick question. Are there any restrictions on which era we can pick players from?