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Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special


International Coach
Surviving teams for easy reference:

ataraxiaPothasankitjBoyBumbyCricZo XI
1) WA Brown /Len HuttonVijay MerchantBill WoodfullArthur Morris /
2) MH Mankad / oConrad HunteAllan RaeEddie BarlowHanif Mohammad /
3) WR Hammond /Peter May*George HeadleyEddie PaynterFrank Worrell / o (c)
4) DCS Compton /Martin CroweDudley NourseDuleepsinhjiDean Jones /
5) HW Taylor /Maurice LeylandStan McCabeDouglas Jardine*Patsy Hendren /
6) GA Faulkner / oBasil D'OliveriaWarwick Armstrong [5] (c)FS JacksonTony Greig o /
7) WW Wade / +John Waite+Jock Cameron (wk)Budhi Kunderan+Richie Benaud o /
8) LN Constantine o /Hedley VerityHugh Trumble [4]Trevor BaileyGubby Allen o /
9) GA Lohmann o /Harold LarwoodFred Trueman [1]Clarrie GrimmettBert Oldfield + /
10) T Richardson oBill VoceJack Cowie [2]SF BarnesMalcolm Marshall o /
11) JB Statham oAlec BedserManny Martindale [3]Neil AdcockFred Spofforth o
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Me again?

I've a strong suspicion who'll be my next draftee to get half-inched, but there's no-one really of similar quality to replace him with.

I'll upgrade me batting with Frank Worrell instead, please.



Cricketer Of The Year
  • ataraxia - 1) Wally Hammond, 2) Aubrey Faulkner 3) Brian Statham 4) Denis Compton 5) George Lohmann 6) Vinoo Mankad 7) Learie Constantine 8) Tom Richardson 9) Herbie Taylor 10) Bill Brown 11) Billy Wade 12) Malcolm Marshall 13) George Headley

  • Pothas - 1) Len Hutton, 2) Harold Larwood 3) Hedley Verity 4) Alec Bedser 5) Peter May 6) John Waite 7) Conrad Hunte 8) Martin Crowe 9) Maurice Leyland 10) Bill Voce 11) Basil D'Oliveira 12) Wally Hammond 13) Neil Adcock

  • ankitj - 1) Fred Trueman, 2) George Headley 3) Dudley Nourse 4) Jack Cowie 5) Stan McCabe 6) Hugh Trumble 7) Vijay Merchant 8) Warwick Armstrong 9) Manny Martindale 10) Allan Rae 11) Jock Cameron 12) Sydney Barnes 13) Denis Compton

  • BoyBrumby - 1) Sydney Barnes, 2) Neil Adcock, 3) Clarrie Grimmett 4) Trevor Bailey 5) Eddie Paynter 6) Eddie Barlow 7) Bill Woodful 8) Douglas Jardine 9) Budhi Kunderan 10) Duleepsinhji 11) Stanley Jackson 12) Fred Trueman 13) Frank Worrell

  • kingkallis - 1) Malcolm Marshall, 2) Frank Worrell, 3) Richie Benaud 4) Fred Spofforth 5) Arthur Morris 6) Hanif Mohammed 7) Tony Greig 8) Patsy Hendren 9) Gubby Allen 10) Dean Jones 11) Bert Oldfield 12) Len Hutton 13) Harold Larwood
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International Debutant
George Headley. No surprises there.

1) WA Brown /
2) MH Mankad / o
3) GA Headley /
4) HW Taylor /
5) GA Faulkner / o
6) WW Wade / +
7) LN Constantine o /
8) GA Lohmann o /
9) MD Marshall o /
10) T Richardson o
11) JB Statham o


Cricketer Of The Year
Details of the last round coming up shortly. It's a free for all and it'll be impossible to block each other so you can pick whenever you come online. Stay tuned.


Cricketer Of The Year

- Pick one player from your opponent's team in the first round of matches. Eligible players are listed below under your name.
- This is a free-for-all round and starts now - so pick as soon as you get online and see this.
- Once you're done, please post your final teams with one player as 12th man.

  • ataraxia -
    Stewie Dempster, Sid Barnes, Ken Barrington, Bill Edrich, Clyde Walcott, Frank Woolley, Jack Gregory, Godfrey Evans, Johnny Wardle, Ray Lindwall, Sylvester Clarke

  • Pothas -
    W. G. Grace, Bruce Mitchell, Lindsay Hassett, Archie Jackson, Victor Trumper, Les Ames, John R. Reid, Wilfred Rhodes, Bill Lockwood, Charles Turner, Ted McDonald

  • ankitj -
    Bill Ponsford, Roy Fredericks, KS Ranjitsinhji, Everton Weekes, Colin Bland, Keith Miller, Denis Lindsay, Frank Foster, Bob Willis, Bill Johnston, Subhash Gupte

  • BoyBrumby -
    Jack Hobbs, Arthur Shrewsbury, Charles Macartney, Clem Hill, Colin Cowdrey, Seymour Nurse, Imtiaz, Maurice Tate, Jim Laker, Frank Tyson, Bill Bowes

  • kingkallis -
    Herbert Sutcliffe, Trevor Goddard, Polly Umrigar, Norm O'Neill, Vijay Hazare, Monty Noble, Gerry Alexander, Hugh Tayfield, Bill O'Reilly, Bert Vogler, Fazal Mahmood
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