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Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special


Cricketer Of The Year

Draft Type: Test
Time for picks: 12h first round, 8h thereafter
Draft order: snake draft
Special Rules:
  • No Bradman.
  • Only players who have died can be selected. Pretty grim, I know.
  • Players need to have played at least 1 test to qualify.
  • Treat each other with respect or you'll have to answer to the boogeyman or @Magrat Garlick whichever is scarier.


Whatever it takes!!!
Gonna sit this one out too as I feel I will be tied up at work till Thanksgiving and I am not all that well read up on the older players to justify me signing up for this but will be following with interest and voting, when the time comes.


Cricketer Of The Year
In so far:

1. trundler
2. Michael
4. Pothas
5. ankitj
6. AndrewB
7. BoyBrumby
8. Teuton
9. kingkallis

Will keep it open for a bit more. Probably will start later today.


Cricketer Of The Year
List Randomizer
There were 9 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. kingkallis
  2. Michael
  3. BoyBrumby
  4. Teuton
  5. ankitj
  6. AndrewB
  7. trundler
  8. Pothas
Timestamp: 2020-11-01 08:59:25 UTC

@kingkallis you're on the clock mate.