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Don Bradman


State Captain
He strode to the wicket with his side one down,
Not a big man and he had on a frown
Some rated him the best they'd ever seen
but this innings was to prove
The best there has ever been
He hooked the first ball to square leg for four
Then a glance off his pads to fine leg for more
The sun was out on that Brisbane day
I was there at The Gabba and saw Bradman play.

By lunch he was just short of a ton
and the poms had no answer to
To this Aussie son
He'd bashed them, He'd thrashed them
And was looking for more when down came the rain
To help even the score
No one left the Gabba that day just waited in the rain to watch Bradman play

A career that ended in '48
Was dotted with milestones no one can rate
He'd hook them, He'd drive them, then go looking for more
I suppose I was lucky on that Gabba day,
When I sat in the bleachers and saw Bradman play

Copyright JBMAC

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
I think dull old slips wasn't getting enough attention with his regular trolling so somehow decided that pretending someone had died and stating that Don Bradman was no good was a good idea. I suppose it worked to an extent. :tooth:


Global Moderator
He once low key punked Justin Langer when JL tried to suck up to him. Will always have my respect for that.