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  • G'Day JBMAC - any reflective thoughts on Norm O'Neill that you could share with me?
    JBMAC, if you have a moment can you please have a look at this post. If you're so minded, I'd like to hear your views on how, if at all, you see techniques have changed from the early 60s, which is the era being spoken of.

    Mate, I want to add to what Sean and Murphy have said. There isn't any way I've said a bad word about you or any post you've made, on here. Or indeed anywhere. Murph made a joke I fear you may have taken literally but I can assure you I look forward to every post you make.

    Matter for you whether you choose to believe that, but as Sean said, if
    I've offended you in anyway I apologise profusely.

    Hi mate, the thread has been closed now but you made a comment "I swore after The Sean and Burgey poured total ****e over my head I would never post here again,just visit."

    I don't remember ever doing that to you but whatever it was you have my unreserved apologies! I'm a big fan of yours, as I hope you know, so please do let me know what it was I said that caused offence!
    JBMAC, old chap.

    What are the chances you could make some posts in a thread regarding the changing nature of techniques, both batting and bowling, over the decades?

    Primarily, I'd like to know what fundamentals you were taught when you were learning the game, and compare them to what is taught now. I would imagine, as I say, the fundamentals of batting in particular would be the same (watch the ball, head over the ball etc), but I'd be interested in knowing the changes.

    If there was a thread, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts?
    Hi mate. We’re keeping an eye out on the situation. We do realize that the opinions being expressed by him are sure to cause a lot of offense. We would appreciate it if you report any posts that you find to be trollish and let us handle them instead of reacting in the thread because that will just lead to derailment of threads (not saying that you have done that by the way). All I can say is, the mods are looking closely at his posts and will take action if necessary.
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