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Don Bradman


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Sounds exactly in keeping with his character. I’m just going to assume the rest of Langer’s career success is due to reading his book.


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Sounds exactly in keeping with his character. I’m just going to assume the rest of Langer’s career success is due to reading his book.


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in bowral? i've always wanted to go but wondering if it's worth the big drive
Yeah. Was only 90 mins drive from my clients house in South Sydney. Might have felt like a bit of a wasted day if the drive was much longer or even if I had done it on a day off

A lot of the features are just giant walls of text on the wall with information most of CW would know back to front, such as the inner workings of the Bodyline series and the invincibles tour. I don't think I picked up any new info. There's also a large section dedicated to Kerry Packer and WSC, which was a bit strange considering the link to Bradman is fairly faint.

The "artifacts" just mostly aren't old enough to really wow me, me and this client went to the powerhouse museum a few months back and after seeing giant 18th century industrial machines, seeing a helmet from the 70s or even a pair of gloves from the 40s didn't really spark much imagination/wonder. There was an 19th century bat though which was kinda cool. Width of a tooth pick.

I did really enjoy one section though, an entire replica pre war dressing room with lots of objects an awesome detail, which does feel like you've walked back in time for a second. There's even a an old school phone you can pick up and listen to Richie Benaud and others giving recordings of why the dressing room is so sacred

That's my review I guess, it was okay but not a must see thing, and I generally like museums. The true lowlight of the day was buying a souvenir, which I never do, a replica ceramic ashes urn. It looked pretty damn cool. The shop lady told me to be careful with it as it's not wood(I'm guessing the OG urn is wooden) and fairly fragile... I basically gave her the "yeah yeah I'll be careful" treatment. And then walking home from my car while fumbling with my keys and stuff I dropped it and it shattered into 10 pieces lol
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The deck there is a lot better now than it used to be. I played there in the late 90s and it was trash. Burgeinho played there about 4 years ago in the Lou Benaud Cup game vs Penrith and it was quality.

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i think that he was pretty good at the whole cricket deal but probably a bit controversial me saying that


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Bradman is a much better batsman than Hobbs or Tendulkar than Sobers is relative to Imran or Miller.


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No kidding but why Bradman didn't tour to South Africa and Newzealand?
South Africa he was recuperating from the appendicitis that almost killed him iirc. For the NZ test post war he had played few first class matches post war leading up to that and apparently his doctor advised him against returning.