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"Bid for position" ODI draft (voting thread)

Pick the best 3 ODI XIs

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I think his was much more of a relative metric, but you're right that it was better. Some of us small brain people need something more straightforward though. :laugh:
I think in this case ranking by median bid (6th bid) maybe a straightforward yet relatively accurate reflection of everyone's relative advantages.


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Drafter5th pick6th pickMedian pick
Line and Length100107103.5


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It'll be interesting to see how similar the bidding strategies of the winning teams are - whether they're similar or very different because you can only have one good team for each style of strategy
Honestly speaking, I had no bidding strategy at all!

Weldy, Sam may share theirs.


International Coach
Oh yeah, I did have a plan to pick ABdV if I got a position nearer to the top first up (I figured 4th pick was a reasonable one to aim at). Picked Kohli and Tendulkar so the plan flew out the window :laugh:


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My bidding strategy was basically grab:
1 elite player preferably batsman/sobers/wasim/or one among the 2 elite keepers (ended up being Sobers),
1 semi-elite player (ended up being better than semi-elite with Gilchrist),
4 ATGs including two opening bowlers (Waqar, Marshall, Abbas, Rashid because of his additional batting),
1 to plug any potential shortcoming in side-balance from the first 6 (first 6 had 4 bowlers covered - so i went with a batsman pietersen),
and the last 4 ATVGs together to end up with a balanced team (think a top opener in amla, two late-order bashers including a 6th bowler in miller, maxwell, and the left-arm variety of johnson were perfect for the balance).

I looked at the test match draft bids to get an idea where to plug the bids number-wise to get who i want.
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DrafterAverage pick
Line and Length78.5
Magrat Garlick58.8

I'm not sure this actually means anything useful
Can you post median too?

Edit: and if you have the data, chart for each drafters position for each pick just for kicks.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
weldone, sorry for the out of turn joke. I don't think kingkallis was aware of all the nuances.

Just for both of our sakes I've put weldone on ignore and will recuse myself of any action taken against him for a while


International Vice-Captain
I still think ataraxia had the best bidding strategy picking those first 6 players around the top for around 150k each. But in my estimate he made a slight error of judgement in not picking a gun pace bowler among his first 6 picks (those 6 picks were all spinner, allrounders and batsmen iirc).
My picks weren't the best mainly because I don't really care about ODI ATGs and I've never played an ODI draft before. :) Just thought I might play because the BFP draft format is really interesting.