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  • I've just realised you might know the people I live with since you're in the right age bracket and hobby.

    Do you know a musical, ginger engineering drop out and his best friend?
    Are you sure everything is ok after the avatar invitation incident some months ago...you seem to be relishing contradicting my posts in the last few weeks - or do you just find some of my posts controversial - or am I reading too much into things...
    Update - I have changed my avatar - based in part on your feedback plus everyone getting confused in the thread.

    All for now
    Bear in mind I have tried reporting his posts and nothing happend so did Heef. I have also tried appealing to him directly in my nicest possible tone of voice and he blew me off. He has no consideration for others. Finally I don't think he had his JC thumbs up cool guy avatar 3 hours ago. So he has made his own avatar statement back in Blocky style. If you are offended by my comment then report me by VMing PEWS or James it will probably light a fire under the situation anyway and bring it to a head because my reports haven't achieved that.
    Maybe switch to Howsie's Avatar. It belonged to Blocky when he was a member of Planet Cricket last year before pursuing a new hunting ground here. I am going to switch to it anyway.
    Misquoted your post instead of Marc's in the in-thread warning in case you're wondering. :p
    no social skills? new zealander? france is your place.

    apparently they like our accent (sample size may be one person).
    i love your ambition. someone needs to get devilskin off my radio. any ideas on what country you're keen on?

    yeah engineering appears to be a **** like that. anything in 3rd year is really, but engineering gives you that 3rd year plus a compulsory honours year.

    i have to decide this year whether to commit to doctor phlegm. as is it will be master phlegm.
    Get a BSc -> get honours or masters -> get a job or if that's too scary, stay and do a phd.

    your path is laid out.

    did you drop out by choice or did things go pear shaped? fair dos either way, this will sound cliche but you never know what you're gonna do until you have a crack. i came to massey to be a journalist and will leave it a geologist.

    whatever you end up doing, the crux of success will be the same - you need to hone your ability to write and talk convincing lies.

    if it makes you feel better, muloghonto is an engineer. you could have been him.
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