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  • Let me know if the tv doesn't work. I'm not logged into it so if it cries at you we'll know there's some kind of device limit on NuSky.
    Sent a PM to your YouTube channel about the new iSky. Phlegm may've inadvertently locked you out for 30 days, but take note of the new password for after that.
    I'm sure it was an awesome screw. Nah don't play anymore unfortunately. Solely a showjumper now which eats my weekends for breakfast in the summer and saves all those batsmen from my medium pies.
    Speaking of places which aren't in the 21st century, you should come to Palmy for your engineering course. You might even get to face Adam Milne or Bevan Small in club cricket.
    I can't really reply because James gave me a telling off according to my spambox, but I managed to sort myself. Cheers though.
    Hi Albi - looks like iSky is changing to a new setup that limits log-ins and registered devices. I have to be a **** and change the password until I read more about it and figure it all out.
    Haven't played/followed WC3 for a while actually. Lordaeron seems to be a pretty dead server and the lag on Azeroth is horrible. As an UD player the prospect of going up against a swathe of Orcs isn't enticing either. Might be interested in learning a new race though (prob HU) if there was somewhere with a semi decent ping to play.
    Yeah Dragon control is something that you need to plan for. It's very much tied to how mid/bot are performing so sometimes there will only be so much you can achieve. If you're controlling the game properly you'll generally be in a position to capitalize on Dragons when they spawn and solo Q teams generally won't be timing it and capitalizing on any small windows they have.

    As a jungler your key job is to be present for Dragons by either team. Don't let your team attempt them without you, be aware roughly of the timer and don't blow smite on creeps if you think it's even close to coming up. In fact, if you don't have smite you're better off telling your team to wait before taking it, even if you think you have control. This is particularly true if their jungler is someone good at stealing it (Lee Sin, Elise, Jarvan).
    Nah that has happened to me as well. You can try clicking on Catch Up and getting something playing, then going back to Live TV.
    The other argument against ganking the weak lane is that if you have a laner that's weaker than their opponent, then giving them farm/kills is putting gold on a player who's unlikely to use it effectively (as they're losing their lane). If you have a player in another lane who's doing better, he's more likely to capitalize on the help your giving him.

    Guides that suggest pushing objectives are spot on. If you get a successful gank that's roughly 450g for you and your laner. Getting a dragon is nearly 1000 for your team. Getting a turret is 750 while giving you and your team the capacity to ward deeper into their jungle, allowing you to better track the movements of their jungle and control their buffs. If your top lane gets ganked and you're near bot, pressure bot, force the ADC back and you have a free Dragon or Turret. That's a better trade for your team.
    Its a rough position to be in. Your laner is behind so you have to be sure the enemy jungler isn't there, because their potential in a countergank will be greater than yours (fed laner + jungler >>> weak laner + jungler). That will snowball the lane further to the point where the game is essentially lost. Get wards up in their jungle, and work out where you can put pressure on the map based on their jungler. If you have a ward in their wraith bush and you see them farming their wraiths, you can safely gank top, either netting a kill or at least forcing the enemy top out, giving your top some space to farm and pressure the turret. This draws their jungler to the danger, freeing up your other lanes and making their opponents more passive (when you disappear from their vision).
    Hi Albi - if keen to see NZ A highlights (they're showing half hour packages regularly on the Star Sports India schedule) I'll be linking to the clips in the video description of this one -

    Latham's Bouncer - YouTube
    Jungling and Support are the two roles that require the most game sense over skills. Top and Mid are primarily about beating your opponent, while jungling is about bolstering the right lanes at the right times (or none at all if appropriate) and controlling objectives, while support is about controlling vision and synergizing with your team. I find those roles more fun, probably because im getting a bit slower in my old age lol.
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