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  • Hey mate, ever thought of joining cricsim? If you're keen, go to link 1 to register your player, and link 2 to sign for the club I'm at, the Ravens. From CW we have me, Prince EWS, Daemon, Spark, Shri, Marcuss, Howsie, Teja, Pasag, Sir Bloody Idiot, G.I. Joe and probably some others I've forgotten. We're also the reigning champions.

    We could really use a seam bowler of any description atm as well, so if you were to sign on as that, that's a major plus. Prince EWS (the boss) wants you on our team regardless because we think you're gun, but yeah. Join as a seamer, sign for the Ravens, and you're good to go.

    Register: Registrations - CricSim
    Contracts: Season 11 Contracts - CricSim
    I prefer to call it "keeping up with the Brits."

    They're about three weeks ahead of NZ I think.
    Ah, whoops. Eating some pineapple right now. Slightly tactless of me. Hope he doesn't find out. Wouldn't be a good impression, him being a mod and all.
    haha, you're not the only one. That's why I kept my Stephen Fleming avatar so long.:ph34r:

    But believe it, Bency is really a monkey and Andy is really a pineapple.
    Bummer. Personally can't enjoy music nearly as much without relating it to playing it somehow.

    Hah, really? Anyone seem like anyone on the internet I guess. I'm not the only one can't avoid imagining posters as looking like their regular avatars, am I? :laugh:
    Nah, just listen to it.

    You're still high school age? Wow, took you for my age at least.
    About two years, only been practicing on a consistent basis as a group for the last couple of months though, what with Rockquest coming up, which we figure we might as well give a shot while we still qualify. You do much in the way of music?
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