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  • you can use the same idea. just change those excel formulas to be your html code versions (mostly just changing [ for { and some style tags). I can whip up a html coding spreadsheet if you like. I'll base it off the one you posted in your feature. Give me a couple of days - have family xmas dinner this weekend to organise.
    How do.

    Discogs.com is probably your best bet. You might have to part with a few quid for an LP/CD copy though.
    Just saw this after I replied to your posts - if you prefer to discuss through email, I'm ok with that as well. Mine is chulaww at gmail.com.
    Thanks, but short of arranging a 'real time' Test series then it is impossible to tell if my team is the 'best' or not. Now looking at Marshall-McGrath-Clarke. Not sure that my batting order coukd withstand that attack. With Lillee-Donald-Cairns-Benaud counter-attacking I could imagine a low scoring Test match with no obvious winner till early on the 5th Day - and that's the point.
    I have been in enough Drafts to realise that voting is very subjective and personal. For example, I didn't vote for the most popular team because Manou is not an experienced Test keeper, let alone a great one. I have a 'thing' for keepers, but obviously other people don't.

    I chose to have a great keeper plus 3 average batsman in Graveney, Lamb, and Shastri - rather than include a dud so that another ATG can make my team. Personally, I don't think that the team should have to carry a dud player, but the voters clearly had a different opinion. But so what, as I still had a load of fun?
    Perhaps if you had chosen a speed merchant to spearhead the attack rather than Bedser, then you may have collected more votes. But who knows as we are a fickle bunch.
    Yes of course. I will be interested to read the rationale/synopsis of your 3 choices.
    There are no better bowlers than Anderson and Peter Pollock in the 851 to 856 range (unless you think Shoaib Akhtar is better than those 2).
    Happy to post your next pick for you as it's getting late in the USA, and not sure when HB will make an appearance.
    Mate, what's your email address?

    I can send you the file of the top 100 innings and see what you think of it.
    Thanks for running those Sims again! Not surprised that Warne out-struck Murali as once Harvey and co, worked out his doosra I don't think that they would have many problems with his off-spin. Moderately surprised about the success of Steyn though, as I thought that Hadlee would have out-bowled him in the long-run. Will need to have a close look at Armstrong's career as it is interesting that he averaged very well on one series.

    Cheers - Sheldon
    Thanks Dave. 3-2 sounds more realistic, although tbh I think that the result should have gone Pothas' way. Incidently, how did Warne, Murali, Ranji, and Armstrong fair in the sim?
    Lol I think that you post the sim if you have time!
    6 - blot does seem a OTT though given that the difference in player ICC ratings wasn't that great.
    Hi Dave. I didn't use a sim to generate those match reports. I just liked the particular format in your match reports, and so copied it. My weird imagination then did the rest. BTW just posted the 6th and last report for the imaginary series. Has been a lot of fun. Hope that you enjoyed catching up with your family.

    Oh yes, I forgot about the e-mails because I've turned that function off. You presume right, Hassett, will be next. After you made your pick I forgot that Kyear still had his turn. I deleted my pick even though it would not impact kyear because we should probably stay in turn just-in-case someone picking early creates an accidental problem. However, since Round 12 is not so critical I think that we speed it up by allowing multiple turns where possible. Cheers, Sheldon
    I'm referring to the drafting of players from certain decades. Had little idea that trying to get a good mix of players from each decade would be so tricky. Anyway, now unopposed for my next two picks which is a nice feeling. No prises for guessing who they'll be. Cheers, watson/Sheldon
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