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  • Cheers. It's not that you're a lazy pothead stoner (although obviously that helps), it's that you tend to know a lot about these things. A friend of mine with Crohn's started a petition to legalise it for medicinal purposes in the UK and I was wondering whether the evidence for it was solid. Seems we're lagging several years behind you guys here. How did you guys ever manage to get that kind of stuff passed?
    Manan! You'd know. What's the evidence like for the usefulness of medicinal marijuana?
    Im going to take a sabbatical from CW (changing password) so if you want to have a beer in DC sometime shoot me an email at goughy@cricketmail.net
    Yeah possibly mate but it's a dec 87 article, so there aren't any soft copies around I know of - they may have it at sydney uni library - will check there first, if not I'll get in touch.
    Thanks for your help mate. C
    Hey mate, lookign for a medical journal called Cortex, I think it's a psych one. Need an article from about 1987 - I know you're not a doc, but figured you may be able to tell me if the bloody thing's still published. If you find out, can you let me know please, while I continue my own (so far fruitless) searches?
    Sounds great. Send me an email at goughy@cricketmail.net with the details of when you will be here and Ill send you my cell # and we can make a plan.
    haha, I deleted the ones I posted on my wall accidentally instead of on yours :p Now I'm curious about what you posted
    Too late. I already looked at your picture from High school. Damn that come hither look.
    Between all this dirty talk and BI's posts in the Hottest women thread, I might just blow my deposit! Something's gotta give! :ph34r:
    The most improbable part about that scenario is the 'Mcgrath sucks' bit :p unless you just want me to say that to you as a ***ual turn on :ph34r:
    Thanks SS, I appreciate it very much. I had a huge gap in my preparation while I completed my diploma in family medicine here. It's picked up again now though. My target is to get all three exams done before the year runs out!
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