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  • I know I asked you this before but I'll try again; is there any chance of you registering over at CricSim to get access to our club's subforum for the Rugby sim?

    There's no need to venture out of there if you don't want to, but the subbie's good craic and we could do with hanging onto you as you're quite important to us going forward.
    You're a good man.

    What are the chances of seeing you over at cricsim for the Rugby sim?
    Give me a hit up if you fancy getting a group of guys (7s, 10s or 15s, club or invitational) out to Manila for a tour, pissup etc. If you can get a 7s or 10s team then I can arrange a tournament or 15s I can arrange a few games. We are growing massively with teams from all over the world coming and are looking to get as many games as possible of all formats at any standard. We have a number of teams ranging from vets--2nds--good amateur rugby. I know its unlikely but I thought Id throw it out there. Cheers. Kev
    Just FYI, that avatar won't be acceptable if you beat the English, I'll expect to see something far more gloating :p
    Further to that, if Australia win the World Cup then you can celebrate the event for a month with an avatar of your choosing. This stipulation also applies should Australia defeat England at any point during the World Cup.

    I'd give you the chance to win back your avatar, but

    1. I don't really give a **** about rugby
    2. Scotland are so dire that there's not really a bet I can offer you
    3. I hate the England rugby team
    Fair enough, I'm not a huge Rugby man but prefer league.

    You can lose the smug twins from your avatar if you want, however I insist that any replacement must be suitably pro-English for the upcoming series.
    I'm assuming your avatar was State of Origin related? Count yourself lucky that Queensland won (I'm right in thinking you're a Queenslander aren't I?)
    Awesome mate, will look into it first thing tomorrow.

    Hope you have an awesome time - even if we don't win, it will be a cracking night!
    As it's your birthday on Tuesday and you've been a good sport for 6 months you can have your avatar back for 2 weeks.
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