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  • I'm happy to help out with the social stuff too. Friend of mine works at the uni, live in the Hills, is a lovely chick and has tons of of friends. One of those social types.
    Avoid : more than 20 minutes north of the CBD (Salisbury and beyond) more than 30 minutes south (Marion and beyond). Full of scummy types, public housing and booked to get worse in the next few years. East or west all the way and she should be sweet.

    That said, if she's looking for a recommendation,. I live about 10 mins from Findon in Hendon, lots of cheap rents (complete bungalows like ours) for <350/week, quiet area, 20 mins from CBD, 10 mins from the beach and 15 mins from funky areas like Henley, grange and Glenelg. They're close but you're away from them enough because they get really ****ing busy. Under-rated area, one of those which used to be scummy but is has been pulling itself up and people haven't caught on yet so still cheap.
    Aww, thanks man. Going to miss playing Phonix stuff.

    Findon has a lot of industrial stuff yeah but obviously budget is a factor, etc. Around Findon there's mainly old people and grocery shopping, no nightlife or funky places to speak of but it's very quiet and rents are cheap. Anywhere along the beach (Glenelg, Semaphore, Largs Bay) will be nice but probably overpriced rent-wise. Anywhere in the immediate South of the city (Unley, Fullerton) or east (Kensington, Magill, Burnside) be nice and funky with decent shopping/eating but expensive (lots of share houses if she wants a roomie, though). Lots of new apartments in the CBD popping up if she wants to go that way and there's really no place which is particularly scummy or noisy. North Adelaide (the suburb) rules, is quiet and about 20 min walk from the CBD.
    I just realised I wrote nearly exactly that 4 weeks ago...I promise I'll get in touch with him tonight!
    Hi mate,

    Have been a bit slow contacting my mate for you, but will do so tonight and let you know what he says.
    Not quite. Like you and I, we are old internet forum acquaintances. We both used to post on Planet Rugby in the mid-2000s. Humorous chap...
    Hello mate, I can put you in touch with my mate who's running an event management company at the moment if that would help? He's on the Gold Coast, but knows a few people in different spots around the country.
    Which city you moving to mate? And defo let me know if you head to these parts...

    As for the late nights, well I can sympathise - I'm already dreading the winter series!'
    Hey man I'm good. Enjoying sunshine and ashes / what could be better? Good to see you about, how are things at your end?
    Where are you? Need you about for the ashes, enjoy rubbing your face in it
    Hi mate,

    No worries at all, I'll let him know that you're happy where you are at the moment just so he doesn't wonder what happened.
    Hello mate,

    Got a message back from my mate who's working in sports management. Can you send me through your email address again? I'll give you his details then.
    Mate, I hope you don't mind me pm'ing you. I know that, like me, everyone here who's read your post is thinking of you and Mrs R. Hang in there and stay strong, for yourself and for her.

    Nothing to appreciate mate. A community like this, doesn't matter that the bulk of us will never meet, I spend more time talking toi some of you lot than people I share the same air as every day. I hope things work out. STay positive mate.
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