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Recent content by ripper868

  1. ripper868

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2020-21

    Word is Cech has been brought into the Chelsea Squad
  2. ripper868

    Official Rugby Thread

    Caleb Clarke needs a rich french contract that precludes him from All Black selection and fast. He looks properly scary
  3. ripper868

    Official Rugby Thread

    Having calmed down a little after half screaming at my screen in the wee sunday AM hours...thoughts on a non neutral ref? Being aussie i obviously think we got the bad end of the pineapple on a few calls - eg savea turnover at 84 mins from the side etc (when Tupou had been done 3 previous...
  4. ripper868

    Official Rugby Thread

    Rieko knew he was out for the first try, so took pity and dropped it accidentally on purpose. Side note - watching this while in the UK and seeing crowds like that is a pipe dream.
  5. ripper868

    When Zucc was traded I was a broken man, was even more astonished when he signed long term with...

    When Zucc was traded I was a broken man, was even more astonished when he signed long term with the Wild after the stars, seemed odd place to go. Think NYR going in right direction though. With Panarin, Kreider, Zibanejad showing the way, with the youth of Kakko, Lafreiniere (post draft), Kandre...
  6. ripper868

    Mag, the Rangers are out bht landed the #1 pick, the dynasty is on the horizon, though...

    Mag, the Rangers are out bht landed the #1 pick, the dynasty is on the horizon, though Lundqvist likely wont be a part of it, the Tsar Shesterkin will usher in a new era of Red, White and Blue domination. IH, i genuinely do not know what orkut is.
  7. ripper868

    Is this facebook?

    Is this facebook?
  8. ripper868

    ***Official Formula 1 Discussion Thread***

    Those last 2 laps were something else.
  9. ripper868

    The next Immortal without question.

    The next Immortal without question.
  10. ripper868

    Cricket Web Football

    Name: Jarkko Maxum Position: Midfield Main Skill: Free Kicks Nationality: Vatican City Gender: Male; He/Him
  11. ripper868

    Official Rugby Thread

    Gamss been ****ed for a lomg time now...I think back to how invested I was in the wallabies as a kid and then throgh my uni years...now I give very little care, I of course want them to do well, but think id nearly not be bothered to go to Twickenham for a wallabies game right now.
  12. ripper868

    Official Rugby Thread

    I was in that crowd, about 15 rrows back behind the posts at the end where NZ scored those 3 tries in about 12 seconds. 13 year old me was distraught, then delighted with the comeback, and then proper sad when Jonah got that one in the corner at the death. Such good memories though, you...
  13. ripper868

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20

    Have the online 'teams' of each club play each other in full length online matches. Catch is they are all blindfolded for parts of the match and have only the real life manager on a microphone directing them what to do.
  14. ripper868

    Offical Rugby League Thread

    Schoolgirl errors really :ph34r: Late cheap shot, but surprised it got no mention from anyone.
  15. ripper868

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20

    Mighty Ducks 2. Suprised you didnt know this tbh. Looks a standard russian bond villain to me.