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  • Hi
    The Frontpage carries birthday wishes for Vijay Mehra who died in 2006. Do you know any way to have it removed?
    I wasn't sure whether I was joking or not at the time tbh - however having thought about it there is a flaw in what I suggested that being that if I'm trying to avoid drawing attention to myself then being the only member without a post count is likely to be counter productive!
    Ah go on try catch one or two just to see these blokes. Think you'll be impressed with 3-4 of them. Hardly a huge turn around though.
    Hey you been watching the eng vs. bang series? Pretty interested in your thoughts on the Bangladeshi players
    I dont recall saying that height is by far the most vital ting for a quick. Certainly an advantage though. Regarding Bicknell an Chappel. I dont think the type of bowler Bicknell was translates well to Test cricket. I prefer a bowler with a bit more gas who doesnt bowl quite so full. I think Chapple would have translated to a better Test bowler. Its quite possible that he would have failed but I was always very confident that Bicknell didnt have a chance of cutting it. Also, I dont recall there being too much between their heights.
    Yes by all means come on a bit more, I don't get on as much as I used to, but still use it a couple of nights a week or whatever. I think the only Cwebbers I speak to much on MSN anymore are Corrin, Mitchell (though he seems to be more of an IRL friend these days) and G when he cba to go online.
    Hey Richard,
    I meant start a new analysis starting from this decade, so it will be for all batsman since 01.01.10 - Just a thought..
    Hey Richard, how are you? I'm interested in your first chance averages, and was wondering if you would like to keep a record of FCA for this decade?
    Happy birthday yesterday. A good time of year for those sorts of things imo. Unless your b'day happens to be 9/11 as mine is - ruined forever.
    well done on the cricinfo mention...link it into the staff forum i reckon, in case James misses it...
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