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  • the funny thing is i never really noticed it when I first joined CW, but whenever I've read over old threads, as I do when I'm bored, it really stands out. Some great threads if you go through the archives.
    Yeah fair enough, thought that would be the case. I know you don't like battles but it really would be cool if you voted in it as it's a chance to pay tribute to some off CC's finest...I know you probs won't though :p
    Don't know if you've looked in the "What Do You Look Like Thread" yet but the illegal offence was a bottle of Bulmers Pear :p
    No shame :p
    Hi Richard,

    Given that you are a key member of cricketweb.net we would like to invite you to become an advocate for Betfair.com.

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Stef Oates

    e-mail: stef.oates@omruk.co.uk
    Yes, my internet use will be frequent until next friday, that is when I leave my halls of residence, so will perhaps not be online so much after that point, but will of course do my best.
    Very nice to see you also, I plan to stick around for a while, but then again I always do, so we will see how long this particular tenure lasts. Do you frequent MSN much these days? I went through Exeter on the train the other day and recalled it was the place of your abode.
    Hey Ricardinho,

    I'm running this year's battle of the members and I recall you may not have wanted to take part. If you want to withdraw, let me know and I'll remove you from the draw.

    Dude, I might have deleted ur email by accident... and not sure if ur email id works.. cos it bounced on me... can you drop a message in the forum abt ur email? or send it to me again..

    cheers - GV
    Hi Richard
    I believe you are or were looking for footage of the Australia vs West Indies test series of 1988-89. Here are some links to youtube of some highlights of the 1st Test of that series.

    YouTube - Australia vs West Indies 1st Test Brisbane November 1988 1

    YouTube - Australia vs West Indies 1st Test Brisbane November 1988 2

    Can you please help me with a bet? pedro_coelho0704@hotmail.com

    Plz add me, urgent. Greatings from Portugal
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