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  • I don't think so - I'm doing one on the 1992 series the story of which I started in '87, so yours would fit in well with that

    On your latest book review RGDW did do a couple of tour books, an autobiography and a book called "six of the best" after that '79 one, in case you wanted to reword the final paragraph
    Went Friday but in my ineptness forgot to take your number down.

    Not a bad day, wicket pretty flat though. Will be down there a fair bit during the summer.
    Hey stumpy,we are all missing you at cff,sorry you can't log in,fletch suggested i send you a message,anyway hope your doing well,we are bashing up the young 1's as usual.LOL
    Indeed it was the same Warwick Tidy - I've emailed him and he quickly sent me a charming reply. I've given him the link to the thread and invited him to post, so we'll see what comes of that.
    Ignore that, I remembered as soon as I sent it, pretty much :)

    (unless you aren't David Taylor in which case this is REALLY embarassing)
    Hi there, I am just piecing the matchfixing article together and I feel terrible but can't remember your full name. Greatest apologies but can you pass it along so I can add it in?
    Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    Dunno what's going on at your end, but I can log on to CFF with no probs. Don't know anything about comps tho, so can't shed any light on your issues.
    Hey stumps.

    Not a clue, no, sorry. Was playing Destructo Match there as late as 10 last night. Would be a shame if it's gone forever.
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