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  • I'd settle for a train station but carrying my cricket kit around on the way home would be a massive pain in the arse. I'm pretty sure I could actually get a lift to the game but my lift would be drunk by the time it was time to pick me up so I'd be stuck there.
    I played in the Hornsby-Kuringgai comp; haven't played properly in a couple of seasons now because my club folded and I'd made too many enemies elsewhere :p Actually considered trying to get a game for your team this season but a lot of the games are just too far away from Baulkham Hills where I live and I'd probably be graded above your side based on past stats despite the fact that I'm unfit and cbf.
    No doubt. The photo I sent the bloke I know while he was at the game might've cheered you up if he showed you though.
    Ahh I see. In Hornsby he'd just be restricted to a certain amount of runs rather than a batting position. Having a ringer come in at 7 and slap a 40 ball 80 doesn't really negate the fact that he's playing down much. :p
    Haha, perhaps. I know someone who you play cricket with, hence my weird stalker-like knowledge. :p
    Yeah you have to learn the trick -
    Hendrix's Request - YouTube

    Then amend that scorecard's link and hit enter -
    Video Scorecard
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