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  • Yeah I know what you mean, had the right idea really but went about it totally the wrong way. Approaching Brumby and saying it'd be great if they didn't butt heads is all well and good but it was loaded as hell. Could have just said "shall we both try not to get into pissing contests?" I mean even that might have been a bit...off...but it's at least placing some onus on self-responsibility, or something

    With aussie, it's a shame that he can't channel his obvious enthusiasm properly. He has a genuine love for the sport but just can't express it like a human being. Such a pain scrolling through threads where he's in a row with someone, multi quote after multi quote, drone
    forgot all about him

    you've got about a year and a quarter before you need to worry about that anyway
    We beat Plymouth at home. With a Dale Jennings wondergoal.

    Vote for me.
    If you're shipping 4 at PP, I hate to think what would happen in the Championship
    Listen ****, I don't care that you hate me, I know you want me to beat Murphy in BOTM, so go vote for me FFS, please
    Haha, I'm not arsed when people disagree with me, ever. And you named morning glory in your top 3 which earns you bonus points

    Alas I don't think you'll ever find pro-Thatcher comments from me

    I just hate New Labout with all my heart, that's all, I have my reasons hey ho

    Bit drunk tbh, night mate
    look I'm not gonna SAy aNything coZ the mods have an eye on my profIle but Seriously Am glad you got drunk, Can you UNderstand all the Trouble here lately, pfft
    Takes me back to the good old days before that Premiership hiatus - we had Curo, Nicky Forster and Martin Butler - Fozzy of course is even older and still treading the boards - Butts hung around too although I think he's gone now - Curo was my favourite although his head had a tendency to drop if things weren't going his way - might have been something to do with the rumours about his love life
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