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  • Hey mate,

    Was wondering if you could spare a few seconds to complete my survey. Would be much appreciated.

    Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
    I guess you just about manage to toe the line as you never out and out abused anyone. Apparently it's rude to tell people to jump off cliffs, meh, I meant it.

    Have enjoyed all of your posts in that subforum tbh
    Oh and we have a player called Max Power coming through this season, be sure to keep an eye out hey
    Yeah, I am honoured that they are doing it for me but I know what you mean

    As for the friendly, heroic fightback from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 in both games (had half a team at two local sides). To quote our friends across the water, defo gonna be our year.
    Was wondering what your last rant was about until I read the post below, makes sense.

    Anyway, how was your friendly, that's what I came here to ask?
    Gun rant last night.

    Had to be deleted because a couple of posters didn't seem to appreciate that a mod found your rant funny when they'd reported it, and the thread quickly turned into a **** storm which had to be nipped in the bud.
    We've got both Heswall and Cammell Laird's tomorrow.

    I'll be at Heswall, as you can drink on pitchside. Could anything be better?
    Haha, ace. Plenty of people like pasag are not football lovers but posted well throughout the tournament, but there was some proper dire stuff hey. The nadir for me was the Ghana-Uruguay thread, just a shocker.

    Oh and I said that, about footy being about the banter, early in the tournament, and got ripped. nevermind, we'll just tell it like it is

    First friendly tomorrow :)
    Yeah it's fair enough, I mean I didn't have any real regrets at having kids at such a young age aside from killing off my every game habit early. Get to about 5 or 6 a season now but am going to focus on ones have not been to before this season, as well as Hillsborough, I have been there but I love it.

    That being said, if we start this season like last it seems like a much bigger amount of money to lay out in one go like.

    We have striker problems as well, though thankfully Craig Curran has ****ed off, pheeeeeeeew
    £50 if they make the final I fancy that

    Can't wait for it all to end now though tbh, quite excited about real football again, had a long enough break and starting to miss it. Will be trying to make your place this season.
    It's not as wrong as supporting the Argies though.

    Win £80 if Holland take the whole thing out so that's my priority. That's big money to me these days.
    yeah your probably right, really need some attacking options, the rest of the team looks okay, but we ain't gonna score any goals with this squad
    Could be a fesity finish to the season. Not that it will count for anything when you're 20 points from safety :)
    Aren't we at yours like the penultimate game of the season or something?
    Only find myself referering to Argyle as "we" when talking to you ftr :p
    I did check the fixtures for it. I think you're dow here sometime in the winter and then Argyle are at you're place towards the back end of the season. Is definitely something to talk about a little nearer the time though. (Y).
    Will please you no end to know that 92 was before I was born. Can't even imagine what it was all like back then :P
    Wats tempted to give you a shout. Couldn't offoad my mother though. *Hold your tongue*.
    Let me know if you head to the Exeter vs Argyle away leg though at Home Park. Would make an effort for it. Not sure how likely it would be for me to be able to get to your place. Would look into it though.
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