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  • haha, bear in mind these blokes are Police spec ops who need to be able to bash down someone's door at a moment's notice, shoot first then say "FREEEEZE!".

    I hear ya though. Been doing my best to drop Kg after my knee op so I stopped weights altogether. Am now 13Kg lighter but have lost the chest and arms I worked so hard for (Kirki's devastated). Have been getting back on the bike, struggling with distances I used to cruise through. Bah.

    So what's your planned regime?
    Dear Sir
    My name is John Petsalis and i kindly ask you if you have any photos to send me, of that corfu game that you have in the small photo.As i am a writer of the corfu sports history and i know that Ckricket came to Corfu during the British Protectorate (1814-1864) can you help me where can i found photos or
    informations about the history of ckricket in Corfu?
    Thanking you in advance for your help
    i remain yours
    John Petsalis

    It was me that closed the offseason thread, for the simple reason that it's no longer the offseason. It wasn't meant to be an attempt at any sort of heavy handedness, just an attempt to move any County discussion from the off season thread to the season thread.

    I know it can be hard for debate to flow across threads, which is why I'm going to move some of the posts across from the offseason thread to the official season thread.


    PS - you still need to pick me an avatar after I lost a bet to you in the Ashes thread last season.
    Malcolm Nash- Other than being the victim of Sobers's 6 sixes, Malcolm was a great cricketer. He was probably the best player to have never played international cricket for England (having the mis-fortune of being in Fred Trueman's generation). His attitude to the game was wonderful and a credit to Welsh cricketers. Nash also had the modesty to help young locals with their Cricket. He was a legend who was never rewarded.
    Sounds great. Send me an email at goughy@cricketmail.net with the details of when you will be here and Ill send you my cell # and we can make a plan.
    Hey Mate, need to contact you about some CWXI stuff, can you email me dcoulthardf1@hotmail.com and I'll get back to you ASAP.
    Hello, this is a pretty random question (the sort one might expect after 3 or 4 ciders...) and I thought it'd be best to message you directly about it... you once said that you thought Glen Chapple would've been more likely to have a chance of long-term Test-match success than Martin Bicknell - I just wondered why? Given your known preference for tall, bounce-extracting bowlers and your belief that height is the most vital asset to a bowler's success, and that Bicknell was (UIMM) a decent bit taller than Chapple. Why do you believe Chapple would've been more likely to have succeeded?
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