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  • Hey Goughy,
    Was really enjoying the MMA sim you had going, any chance of that being revitalised?
    Have a good one.
    Yea, I'm at Pittsburgh now, and if you're ever around here the offer is mutual. If I'm near DC, I'll definitely give you a shout out. Although, I'll say that the beer won't stop at one :).
    Hi mate, i was reffered to you for some serious help as i am a new fastbowler. I live in Holland, orgin is SL though. I am left and wanna bowl fast. i need a good chat with you. Is it possible for you to be on msn, if so here is my id ilayathalapathy@msn.com. If you can help me, it would be very great! Cause here in Holland where they hardly know cricket it is hard to fine someone for help.

    thanks already.
    I certainly can do. A tote pool is probably the fairest as then I don't influence the odds. If I was setting fixed odds, I could easily bias the thing in my favour. We'd have to see how it goes, I guess but its pretty easy to set up.
    Hi Goughy, regarding your reported post. Although you say you're joking, we consider it inappropriate given the general nature of expected tone of that thread. I've deleted your post.
    Hi there. I usually watch via Sky but it's not working so I can't watch today. That's why I'm asking for a link. The one TT Boy gave me doesn't work though.
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