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  • This might be a goer lad. Let me check, but I think I should be free. Should know by this afternoon. How's the trip going?
    1/2 Final!
    Just started...

    Final four greatest movie characters remaining...
    Hello! Sorry for bother you,i have one question,.,,

    I open greatest movie characters tournament, now we are in 4.round and we have one match that need tie breaker

    So, can you please decide match between John McClane vs James Bond. Just vote for one of them.

    Topic is on Off-Topic pdf..

    We will be happy. Thx.
    I don't know, it ranges a lot. I guess $150 for a gram but that's plenty for at least 10 big hits I'd say.
    I'll link a Joe Rogan video where he talks about it for like 13 mins, and he comes close to describing it well but when you actually experience it, it is on another level. It's also not the kind of thing you wanna do repeatedly like weed. It seems more like a medicine, like gaining an understanding. Trust me, I am not a religious or spiritual person at all and if I read what people wrote about DMT before I tried it I'd have just laughed at the silliness.

    When I was doing it, all I could do was slap my head, saying "how the **** is this possible, this is ****ing ridiculous, this cannot be possible...how the **** is this possible..." again and again. If you can try it where you are, I'd say do it. Everyone in the world should try this at least once.

    It's like...indescribable. Literally, there aren't words to really describe it properly. I find every explanation only getting a hue of what it is. It's the greatest and most amazing experience of my life. Humbling as hell. It's a 15 minute trip where you're conscious but you're seeing the most amazing and beautiful things, giving you an incredible feeling at the same time. It's not a delusional high in the sense weed is, it actually makes you feel awakened. I thought you might have tried it. I'm not really into substances and I only do weed (and once a week max), but a friend told me to do this and it kind of changed my life lol. It's almost like going into another dimension and coming back with an intrinsic understanding of what things in the universe mean.
    I forgot to mention this last year but league pass sucks for me due to blackout rules so I switched to a different service. I've been using it for a year now and it's pretty amazing. Let me know and I can email you a referral.
    Sorry mate, I just saw your message. It's not doing much to be honest! I think it's just saving a bit of energy by not having the screen on or any of the little read-out sections with the different info on it.
    You'd hope so yeah. It's more the symptoms than the underlying condition which are important.
    Hahaha nah I do get him to join me in winding Jono up sometimes but I rarely join him in CC. You've made my list now though
    whats with the random callout dude. i havent trolled the WC subbie
    HI Mate,

    Schizophrenia can be the cause of insanity but I believe it's regarded as an illness. So, speaking from a criminal law POV (doing the best I can from memory) it's the behaviour which tells you whether someone is insane at the time of committing an offense, rather than the condition itself. So someone might, for example, be prone to psychosis but be medicated and perfectly sane when they do something.

    I don't know whether having a condition like schizophrenia would disqualify someone from becoming a doctor or any other position. I think there are medical professionals who live and work with some form of mental illness, just as there are in any other line of work.
    I go to most home games, will have a season ticket next season. My days of going to all aways are sadly over so I just get to a few a season. Any am not at it's basically either radio commentary or following on twitter. Which is okay but was particularly brutal when I was working away. Our relegation was confirmed to me via a tweet from the club saying 'Full time - Rovers lose 2-1 and are relegated'

    We have been playing a lot better but we were utter turd yesterday
    Yeah man - we've been doing okay in the league since Adams came in mid-October. We've turned it round on hartlepool and if we keep playing as we have done past few league games I expect us clear by around March. I think there's a few pennies available this month as well now that the new owners have a manager they trust.
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