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  • Mate,
    Looking for suits? You should check some of these out from Milan. Not the actual suits themselve, as they're worth squillions, just gives you an idea of what the styles will be here next year (or, as is oftenthe case in Australia, 3 years time). Anyway, hope it helps - look at catwalk news and style news. A lot of it is OTT, but they get the style thing right about 99.94% of the time - Bradmanesque!

    Style - GQ.COM (UK)
    I think you're right, but it was such a disheartening performance.

    Think we need to play Gerrard in the hole where he can create magic.
    The wrestling thread misses you.Come back after the WC.

    Much love,
    Yeah, wasn't meant to say that you didn't love them. Just that I could carry on with the blind faith and nothing but love. :)
    Can we do it? Cesc we can.
    I love how each time you dare to believe you become more negative as a result. At the same time I hope I'm never like you and can just keep on lovin'. Though we really do need another CB and a keeper unless Djourou and Almunia have knee and brain transplants repesctively.
    One Song, we've lost our Song. We have lost our Song! We only had one Song! :'(
    Cheers fella. We've got more of a chance going into next Tuesday than I was expecting. Well at least until you factor in all the injuries :(
    duffer - you have three hours left in the Prem Draft mate. Put ME2 DOWN
    I'm getting Dragon Origins: Age too. Should reach me around the 20th or so.

    Got the Collectors' edition, ftr.
    I'm looking at getting DO:A for Christmas almost entirely due to the way you rave about it in the PS3 thread. Hope I'm not disappointed.
    You have Fifa 10?
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