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  • Yeah tbf though, we went for it second half where in a league game we'd have shut up shop. With the gulf in class it was always going to leave us open at the back
    Good old fashioned video tags. Or just click on that little film icon and enter the youtube url. That works for me too.
    I think he did always have an interest in the topics we tend to involve ourselves in tbh. I remember he was very high on Carlito a few years back.
    I got drafter to the Sixers on NBA 2k12 when I bought it at the start of the year and they were ****e :p
    I'm just not attached to any team per se in basketball but I appreciate just how much of a freak Lebron is. I try to catch as much as I can of these kinds of sportsmen across sports.
    I think it will work as I don't think Kyrie is the kind of pass-first PG that needs the rock in his hands to influence a game. He is more Westbrook than Paul and I think that will suit Lebron. Will also allow Cleveland to go big in the paint with Varejao, Love and Lebron so the problem he had in Miami isn't there. I think Cavs should make the finals, but if they don't this year it will be down to them just teaming up. Can't see them not succeeding eventually though - too much talent.
    OKC with Durant and Westbrook probably.
    Mate tried getting me into the raptors and DeMar DeRozan was entertaining to watch at times
    Lillard and Carter will always have spots as they shot the two first game winning buzzer beaters that I saw and made me go WTF
    Another mate was a Bulls fan and my favourite takeaway at Uni was called Chicago Bulls
    Depends what your idea of a bounce back is haha, tough conference. Wherever the King goes I go bruh. Would be a crazy story if they won in this first season. Think Spurs will do a repeat...too damn good.
    Yeah, I got into it quite a lot just before the playoffs last season while at uni.
    How come?
    I wouldn't think your neighbour could do that. My understanding is t's illegal in Australia to record a conversation unless you're either a police officer doing it in furtherance of an investigation, or you inform the other person you're recording it.
    Not really my area but I do remember this popping up occasionally with adults in police and I'd think your options are limited. SA has the Listening and Surveillance Devices act but I don't think every state does.

    Best bet is to go for the nuisance angle, restraining orders, etc. once an order is in place, it makes breaching someone for it easy. But yeah, like I said, not really my area.
    Sure thing, I'll be in town for a few weeks when I do come so we'll try to work something out.
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