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  • Haha if it's any consolation I got very messy not long after. No 5am lark for me mind you. Good to speak anyway lad.
    How was your head this morning? (Or like, lunchtime Sunday or whenever you surfaced haha)
    Yeah mate, they definitely were. Only one merchandise stall at Saxton Oval and loads of plastic paddies, so the Ireland shirts went really quickly.
    "...organised religion is at least partially responsible for this tragedy."

    And I agree with you on that front. I understand and respect that people have differing viewpoints on this - just don't think that right now in that thread is the time to start discussing it.
    Hi, just to let you know that Adders, wiff and I have opened the donations page towards contributing to the Cricket Web banners that are being produced for Phil Hughes and Sean Abbott. We're leaving you a message as you mentioned that you may be interested in contributing. Please check out the original thread in Cricket Chat for details. Many thanks.
    Wasn't aiming my comment at people like you, more at English people who are ignorant to anything outside this country. For example, my lot play Chelsea tonight and there will be plenty of people who never go who will ask which team is wearing blue. Those are the type I am on about and in England there are many of them.

    P.S. you robbed us when you signed Hart.
    Should be gone for a long time.

    If he'd left it at the right hook that floored LH I'd be more forgiving as Hohaia did lead with his forearm that smashed into Flower's jaw. Twatting a chap who's prone and unconscious is low tho. Cowardly.
    pls join my 5aside team. We are in need of an angry guy in the middle of the park. Will pay expenses in Dreamcast games and n00dz of someone, their identity tbc
    Haha ftr I was pleased we got it, it's just not as exciting as getting a tournament itself where the games are all over the country. Plus there's the fact we'll likely be out by the time the tournament reaches these shores where normally you get auto qualification ha. If any of that makes sense. Just catching up on my CW at half time at PP
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