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  • She asked me if I do this every day, I said often
    Asked how many times she rode the wave, not so often
    Bitches down to do it either way, often
    Baby I can make that ***** rain, often
    Often, often, girl I do this often
    Make that ***** pop and do it how I want it
    Often, often, girl I do this often
    Make that ***** pop and do it how I want it
    Thanks. I'll just put a decent enough ranking in and hopefully it'll turn out fine.
    ---You live in Australia, yeah? Where were you watching these Gazza games? Football barely existed on TV here in the 90's.---

    I moved to Australia permanently towards the end of the 90s. I don't like sharing personal info, but my family moved a lot. I watched a lot of football as a kid and lots of tapes as well. I've rarely bragged about my background, but I'll just say...if I go back to my country, just people hearing my surname they'll know of my family and that's because of our involvement in football at all levels.
    Yeah, he doesn't make albums like Kendrick (with that kind of depth of topic) but I find it layered musically to the point that I need several listens. I'm already at the point where I just put the album on and it doesn't matter which track plays because I like them all. Recent track I've been killing is Redemption.
    This album is pure vibes bro. I'm just lighting up and chilling to this thing.
    Hey I'm interested in fantasy NBA if you still have spaces available. I took part in one last year and really enjoyed it.
    I'll struggle to meet beforehand because we have to get in as early as possible to reserve our seats, got GA tickets in the Members. My missus is bolting off to meet some friends out, so able to grab a beer afterwards.
    Pretty sure Watkins is at least 158 years old by now. Still fancy my chances tbf.
    lmao I have no idea how people managed to neglect full backs for this long considering there aren't many truly quality ones around.

    By the end of the previous round I was dreaming about pulling off the perfect heist, but Cabinet had to go and ruin it all by picking Alaba.
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