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  • oh hey

    Damn I've basically given up on that. Just didn't have the time to continue. Life's so busy now.

    Cant really be ****ed to log back in and fix up my lineups and stuff urgh.
    Hi Jan, thanks for the suggestion, but there would have to be a large interest in the game in the General Games forum for a sub forum to be created.
    Hi, just to let you know that Adders, wiff and I have opened the donations page towards contributing to the Cricket Web banners that are being produced for Phil Hughes and Sean Abbott. We're leaving you a message as you mentioned that you may be interested in contributing. Please check out the original thread in Cricket Chat for details. Many thanks.
    If you play ICC in full-screen mode, press the Print Screen key on the keyboard (it might be abbreviated to something like PrtSc). Then open Paint (Windows button > All programs > Accessories > Paint) and click on Paste and save.

    It's easier in windowed mode. Just click on the Windows button and enter "snipping tool" into the search bar.

    Hope that helps!
    He was lying unfortunately. Attempting to make a really poor pun out of my surname. Have a lovely time though, Sussex is a great little place and I'm sure you'll enjoy the cricket!
    hey mate. pop me an email at 668115 a-t- hotmail.com
    i don't like to put stuff like that which can be read publicly etc etc
    there isn't much there which would be of use i wouldn't think, but im happy to answer any questions for what its worth
    No prob mate!

    Btw, no way I could coax into at the very least signing up for the forum and then a few sims? You'd need not post at all after that - we just need numbers :p

    No worries if it's too much hassle :p
    Hey mate!

    You should consider signing up for South Africa on cricsim - CricSim - Powered by vBulletin!

    I know you're not actually a saffer but it's your closest affiliation between it, Aus and Eng iirc and we're looking for saffers to make a team.
    Happy about that, even if the pitch looks a bit green, which might explain this scorecard. Were the photos taken before the season? Still, I agree that for such a small sport as cricket up in CR to have finally his own ground is a huge thing.

    Do you by chance have facebook or MSN (sorry for twitter but I'm far too logorrheic for it)? If it doesn't bother you too much I'd be quite interested to talk about current affairs in czech cricket, for I'll be probably back this summer
    Good to hear from you, Гурин!
    First season at Vinor was quite a success and the second one is near - we shall see if people keep coming to this remote part of Prague. Dejvice guys withdrew from both leagues in 2012 due to it being too far away. As for ICC membership, despite initial signs of freshness in late 2011 our administration is as rigid as always. With the same people as always unsurprisingly.
    Nets are still there but PCC is the only club that has been using it regularly in full force.
    Cant wait for new season to begin!

    Some pics of the ground on my blog .)
    cricket noob | amazed by cricket since 2010
    Hey Jan, how are things going up in Prague? Last year I was positively surprised to see that Vinor was finally ready for games, then I read about some problem with the ICC membership.

    I bloody miss that everyday half hour of bowling by myself in the open nets at Olsanska after work. Are they still there or have the nets been moved somewhere else?
    Yep it was fun, just got back home last night. Didn't really see much of Prague, went to the square twice (during night and day) and had 3 cokes in a really huge restaurant where women kept walking through in different costumes (cowgirls, pirates, belly dancers etc.)
    Hi Jan,

    On one of the SuperSport channels in South Africa they cross over live to the grounds and have updates. If I can't see that then its only cricinfo with their ball by ball descriptions.

    Only show the limited overs stuff here ball by ball on tv. Stopped showing 4-day live on tv about 7-8 years ago unfortunately.

    Cheers mate.
    I don't drink alcohol, so more just places to wander around with the camera and whatnot.

    A lot of players end up organising, there wouldn't be many tournaments otherwise. I'm still very much a player first though.
    Cool. I'm organising the Scrabble side so I'll be there for 5 days. Any places I should visit? I hope they have pretzels over there, I love rock salt pretzels.
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