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  • exactly. I was so damn angry and I posted quite a rant on PEWS wall calling him out for it. I also made a thread about it in site discussion which was locked within 5 mins. I was actually warned for making that "second best off spinner in the world" post. After that I had actually made a joke post saying Imran Tahir > Swann and was banned for it. I mean who in the world can ****ing take that seriously. It was marked as a baiting attempt towards English posters and I was handed infractions which pushed me over the limit. And to top it all during my one week ban I asked James what specific post I was banned for and didn't get a reply on it. I was so pissed
    No worries, hope you're enjoying yourself - would you like Laxman or Mahela in your final XI?
    You missed your twelfth round pick in the League a while back, just a reminder so when your computer problems sort themselves out you can get in on it. Hope all is well
    Hey mate, wouldn't want you to miss a first round pick in the Draft League so just reminding you that you've got about four hours until you time out!
    RE: Euros thread, not saying that your post did that but it was a gateway post that could be used to take the conversation back down that line, and we didn't want that to happen.
    Hey, do I behave slightly differently in cricsim compared to here? And if yes, which one do you like more? :p
    Mate, Can you explain what the intent and what we are supposed to do? I typically stay away from these kind of stuff(being staff member and all), But would be glad to vote if you can give me a nickel tour of what the expectation and what/who/how we are supposed to vote.
    Don't know? Didn't see it but some git has been spamming according to PEWS. What was it, since you obviously saw the post.
    Guessing it's one of thE usual suspects, dunno. Looks like they either didnt make any posts or they were all deleted.

    Charming fella, no doubt.
    Haha. No not at all. I was just joking. It's just that now that I am working full time and have to study for exams, it's tough as it is to visit CW. You have probably noticed I haven't been posting as much. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere. I'll be back to my addicted self after my exams in June and have plans to do a round of Sheep and a general knowledge quiz draft. Sorry I didn't participate in your Sheep round, my Broadband hasn't been set up yet so I'm using my mobile at the moment.
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