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  • I would be definitely nose beers, actual beers the lot. I actually have a hearing the previous week over a potential licence suspension for three months so I could be back in Brissy or Sydney by then. We'll have to see.
    i like that brain cell line, use it in a decision one day i’m sure it’d go down just brilliantly tbh

    i was in the city today, landed a very short notice interview with a law firm i applied for for a paralegal gig called “redenbach lee”, i thought i was doing well but they wrapped it up after eight minutes so that set alarms off... compare this to the job i’m at now where i thought i ****ed the interview up and got the job... we’ll see how it goes��! went out with mrs s after and we watched 1917, which was actually pretty good
    ah cheers... if you ever want to grab a bite to eat and shoot the **** or whatever just give us a buzz, i’m around, generally...

    you missed a truly cursed argument the guy put forward that kohli’s a better bat than smith bc his one day and T20 credentials outweigh those of smith’s in tests... bizarro tstl, you’re lucky to have dodged it
    jeez man where've you been, thought you were whacked by sunilz or something the way he's been running around in your absence tbh
    hey, i was very busy with christmas and cricket but now i’m back

    right now i’m a clerk at a place on mainly conveyancing/estates... don’t get me wrong, the people are great, but i’m an active mind who likes to be challenged and think, and otherwise is bored half to death by conveyancing and estates, heh. really want to get out, it’s boring and not what i want to do, so i am looking to find work in different law


    my goals are to practice law helping those who are less well off or can’t help themselves, and people in situations where they’re taken advantage of; i’d love to one day go after companies, institutions, etc, that crush the average guy; and after that, to rep the good guys in parliament

    so i am hunting work in any area other than what i’m in, but greedily i’m on the hunt for something more involved than just opening and closing files; though that’s the second priority to work in literally any other area of law

    tldr anything other than what i’m doing now
    Hello mate. I hope you're well. I'm doing some witness familiarisation training which involves mock cross-examination of a witness on a subject they're passionate about. He's chosen Aussie rules football. Got any thoughts on interesting angles of attack?

    People doing this training will often offer a football-related subject, eg, Manchester City. I might go down the route of (a) you're not a real fan - where's your season ticket? (b) you're a fair weather fan - where were you when they were ****? (c) you're desperate to spent time away from your wife and kids; (d) football fans are all racists / antisemites / etc.

    I imagine a lot of these might also work with Aussie Rules, but it's a bit of an away fixture for me. Any interesting angles would be appreciated!

    No problem mate. Never let a little spat get in way long term. Appreciate the message. We may get rolled cheaply but today is probably the day we should be getting a score. Sun out at Headingley is totally different to cloudy with lights on. Doesn't mean we are a good batting side or your attacks rubbish just that conditions are such that even Cummins genius will get nullified a bit.

    Will delete my response ASAP. Out having breakfast so on phone, will double check when home on computer.
    Think it will be a draw and be nice to play with 11 men next time. That includes dropping Moeen who I said a week ago shouldn't play but would.
    Hope you realise it banter, some of your countrymen bite too easily. We are a far better side than you though and will win much like you will hammer us in your backyard next time.

    Will say though that the pitch thing is truth and no wind up, saw it early that it no demon just you lot can't bat. Next test may be different, always call it as I see it.
    Hey Burgey, have reversed the repetitive posting infraction. With the benefit of the opinions of the other moderators. Apologies.
    Sorry for not getting back to you

    I honestly felt sorry for you, and for Labor supporters

    It was such a shock

    Probably for the best though if Albo becomes PM

    He's more loved, and he'll be there longer than for what Shorten would have been, IMO
    Haha yeah.

    "But we don't see anything wrong with that word."

    Yeah, no ****, that's the ****ing problem.
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