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  • Burgos

    Some woman cleaned me up when I was on my motorbike on Saturday evening. She's admitted complete liability for the bike because it's now completely ****ed I think. But are my rights to further compensation stuff if I havent gone to the doctors within 24 hours? To be honest, my injuries aren't horrible, but I'm missing a few days of work and December is my busiest month in retail
    Thanks mate, appreciate it......you're a top shelf fella and it's amazing how you look out for the forum members here. I promise you as and when I can get my arse up to Sydney you'll be the first call mate. Anyway I'm all good, just been a crazy few weeks...tempted to post about it but tbh it's almost too ****ed up to discuss (not my wife n kids ftr, a ****ed up brother who has been terrorizing my elderly mum and step dad) But it's sorted now and they are safe. Cheers again mate.
    Hi mate. Yep, Summer is here and the Election is on the way...so a great time to plug back into the Cricketweb community.

    I absolutely love the guys on here, and it's good to see most of them are still around.

    Hope you're doing well.

    I'm feeling a bit flat with the Gabba being marginalised, my two favourite cricketers suspended, and the certainty of a Shorten Government haha

    Look forward to posting a lot more over the coming months.

    Take care.
    Quick thoughts on Randwick:

    Race 1: Covert Ops will be the favourite and hard to beat, but I reckon Evening Slippers might be worth a look.
    Race 2: Tiny field - not really worth bothering in this one IMO.
    Race 3: Burning Crown pretty impressive in both starts - go again.
    Race 4: Destiny's Kiss is an old fart now, but he always seems to pop up in this sort of race.
    Race 5: I thought Live And Free looked good last season.
    Race 6: Even line-up, but go Diplomatico.
    Race 7: *shrug* Eckstein?
    Race 8: Maybe New Universe in this one
    Race 9: No idea. Maybe Beau Geste might be value if he gets up above $9 or so.

    Good luck. Have to warn you that my tipping in the paper the last few weeks has been decidedly ordinary.
    I hear you. Over here they're bringing in twilight racing in the summer - 4 till 7.30ish. That might be the go.
    Yeah, no worries at all - I'll have a look through the fields when they come out tomorrow and get back to you. Hope it's an awesome day.
    Actually, as you may pick up from the thread, I'm keeping voting open this round for a little while longer, so you've got plenty of time to edit if you want
    Hi Burgey, it looks like you've voted for 6 people from Group J in BOTM. It's not up to me to decide which are your top 5 of those 6, so unless you edit the post I'm afraid I'll have to ignore you votes for that group altogether. I appreciate that time-zones may well mess up your chances of seeing this in time, sorry.

    Also, thanks for the kind words in your write-ups for group F :)
    Yeah I did, I went with my old man not long after I asked you about it. It was drizzling lightly outside so we stayed inside, but really enjoyed it there anyway -- we sat at a window and had a lovely view out to the boats on the water, and it was happy hour for nearly the entire time we were there so the shouts were under $10 for two schooners. Not many places still sell Kent Old (in fact my father's first regular beer back in the 70s), so he was really impressed with that too, and the staff were really friendly -- door man gave off the vibe that he'd worked there for 40 years. Thanks again for the positive recommendation.
    Cheers mate. Thanks for asking. A beverage and feed sounds like a good idea sometime.
    Hey mate. Things are going well at home. Obviously a massive adjustment, but my better half is a weapon and the little guy is relatively hardy (for a baby anyway). We've managed to get into a decent enough rhythm as I've headed back to full time work which has been a pleasant surprise. Helps that the whole experience is pretty surreal/fantastic too.

    Haven't been posting much for some obvious reasons, mostly time related. I've had to re-evaluate how I spend the little free time I get and tbh the thing that's falling off is the following of political topics closely (which is the lions share of my CW posting). I still keep a brief eye on the main threads, but tend not to post if I don't think I have much to contribute.
    I am fantastic, although its sad to see the **** ones here leading the same lives, at least on CW. :) Happy to say the lil one s already watching cricket and cheered when we won our only test in England. :p How are you? How is Burgey Jr. coming along in cricket? Australia needs MO bats, FAST.
    Hello, Can you ask Cowan couple of questions for me?

    1. Who is the best batsman he has seen?
    2. Does he believe in the increased usage of advanced analytics for cricket? Or is player judgement still a better guide?
    Awesome! Exactly what I wanted to hear. I'll be in the area with my old man on Thursday and was looking for somewhere to drop in for a pint and a feed; it stood out to me when I Googled but I didn't know anyone else who'd actually been there so I thought I'd ask. Thanks (Y)
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