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Recent content by brockley

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    *Official* Under 19 World Cup 2020

    Link for coverage/live ********* for the games. Whats starsport addy?
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    Marnus Labuschagne’s ceiling...

    50 test wkts.
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    Wastemen etc

    Last time i heard of Rusty was he played the Carrabean Premier League 3 years back as an overseas pro.He retired due 2 a long term injury.He was a faie age when he retired,mid 30's. Gnski I think its great,yes the majority of the side is Non American,but their is talent their,like Steve Taylor...
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    USA defeats Scotland.Some very familiar names in the USA side. USA cricket definitely on the rise. But Scotland despite beat England are the pereniial easybeats of 2nd divisional sides.No wonder Holland is rge 13th ranked and now International side.
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    Australian Domestic Season 2019/20

    Looking at the Redbacks bowling line up,Will Bosisto got a game for the Redbacks.That 1 wemt 2 the keeper,surprised Kelvin Smith hasn't got a run yet in front of Calder.
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    Australian test selection 2019-2020

    He has to get a run first. Bryson Street got a 100 1ast game,and 345 on the 2nd xl comp,justifying his selection over Renshaw.
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    Australian Domestic Season 2019/20

    Yes D Solway is Peters' son. Dean SOlway dofferent kettle pf fish. 1 season Dean Solway played for the Comets from his country origins,very confusing with D Solway in or around Comets xl.But D Solway has faded the last 2/3 seasons,and hasn't played for the Comets.
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    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    No warm ups for NZ?
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    Ian Holland and Cameron Strevenson chosen for USA and both Aussies.
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    I have no probs with Associates having their Kolpaks. Just have a problem with England and NZ getting them. Stuart Poynter 2 years with Durham,no Ireland no more,same with Murtagh who admittedly is English with an Irish mother. Stoked about Singapore,and the rise of Tim David. Read Ben Gannon...
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    Australian Domestic off-season 2019

    Will follow Singapore then,when does it start. Kelvin Smith moves to WA.
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    European Championships on Jersey is leading the way.
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    S African Colin Ackermann who from S AFrica and now Leicestershire,qualified for Holland.
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    *Official* Emerging Nations Cricket Thread

    USA has one day status,the ICC will be chuffed.
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    Australian Domestic Season 2018/19

    Fututes Cup Vics 9/332 Maddison 150 Sandhu 4/67. Qld 395 Heazlett 101 Josh Nicholas 3/49.