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  • Mate you're not out of the comp,you're allowed to play.Post your pick now.We don't won't to loose any time from here now.Thanks.Sorry for being rude,btw.I was crossed because you held up the proceedings of the draft for 36 good hours.Anyways now you're in.The time laws of the Richie Benud draft will prevail here as well.
    You've got 7 hrs to go.You don't pick within that 7,you'll be demoted to the group.Meaning afterwards,you'll be given only 12 hours for a pick.
    Yeah.I've explained this about many a times.You have to pick players each from the said decades,meaning 9 players are picked.However,you need 2 more players to pick the quota of 11 players.Other 2 should be picked,from 2 other decades,as the max.no of players from each decade is 2.However the only exception applies to 2010s where you could pick only 1 player as the year is only half done.

    To elaborate on it more further,let's you've got each from all the decades,and now to fill your quota of 11,you have to pick 2 more players.And let's say you want to pick Kallis,he should be either picked in as a 1990s/2000s pick not as 2010s.As the max.no of players from the decade 2010 is 1.I've explained this many a times.Hope you're getting it.
    Hi Andy. I don't think that there is much doubt that Waite is the better batsman compared to Gomez. Waite was rather dour at the crease but was his technique was good enough to open the batting against England in his very first Test match, and manage 76. He also boasts a century against Davidson and Benaud in 1955, and then Tyson and Bedser in 1958. Although Tyson's knees may have started to play up by then. If he wasn't asked to bat up the order so much, and instead settle into the natural keepers spot at No.7 it is likely that Waite would have finished his career with an average of 40 instead of 30.
    Great. So we have one genuine BD fan on the forum at least. Zoarax the imposter doesn't count :P Good luck for the game tomorrow
    CricSim - View Single Post - Season 12 Second Class Trial - Brumbies v Firebolts (updates)

    You made a century in a pre-season match, good stuff. There's a new Draft League season starting too, hopefully you're around for it.
    I'm running a Modern Era test Draft in the Cyclones subbie on Cricsim if you're interested: CricSim
    You're welcome. I just had a pick either side of you and wanted to make mine before I logged off. :p
    Not directly related, but your player's skill increases as you are more active. I think even being online helps improve your player but not as much as posting.
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