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  • Season 4 - Round 1: Parrots @ Hammerheads [comp] - CricSim

    Season 4 - Round 2: Hammerheads @ Tigers [comp] - CricSim

    You played a couple of games in the Basketball sim mate.
    I'll see what the situation in terms of the squad is, and then get back to you.

    Anyways, you should post around a bit there as a new season is starting and you should get a club soon enough.
    Hey Andy

    what club are you signing with in Cricsim? (just out of curiosity)
    Thanks mate. Somehow my ISP didnt allow me to access plenty of sites due to some international gateway issue...glad to be back!
    don't forget Procter, IMO if he had a full career he would have been a top 5 ever fast bowler :D I think you will get 10 points this round though!
    I think you do need to buy it to get it to work. I can buy it for you if you want, I am really keen to get the sim going!

    PEWS has all the data after that :)
    Cheers AZH, hope you've enjoyed it so far! The next round will hopefully be very interesting, so it's good to see you picking up votes - hopefully you'll stay clear of the deadly bottom two positions :D
    I personally would rate that as an excellent attack. But arguably, with Hadlee, you've got 'swing' covered and therefore someone who is a bit quicker would be a better option to be your third seamer.
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