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  • Shall I go Thomson and Azharuddin, or Julien and Garner for my last two picks?
    I was going Illingworth - Hadlee - Lara, but got undone by OS at the last minute. Will probably pick Jeff Thomson followed by Steve Waugh or Mohammad Azharuddin depending on what Howe does. Would like to pick Akram but already have 5 bowlers. Hopefully Howe will pick Akram which will leave Waugh for me.
    There is also Donald - Harmison - Watling as a back-up. Hope that you score a keeper in the last round as you can't win without a keeper.

    If you pick Richardson in 1992 can you get to Steyn in 2004?
    WW has timed out so you may as well pick, especially as Scheazie is also on line at the minute.
    Perhaps we could go to a Test match or ODI together one day - which would be cool.
    We'll make 3 votes as usual for our favourite Test match teams, and then 3 votes for our favourite ODI teams. I assume that there will be 2 separate polls. The overall winner is the person with the most combined votes.
    I see that you are focusing on the Test XI after choosing Sobers and Miller. I wasn't sure what to do, but I'm happy with my ODI selections so far. Got 3 definites penned in for round 4, so I hope I get to pick one if them.
    I am quiety confident that Harry's tumour has been succesfully removed and that the bleeding into his brain stem has finally stopped. However, it will many years before his left arm and hand becomes useful again. His walking has improved significantly in the last 3 months, but he has lost the ability is tilt his foot upwards, so he keeps stubbing his toes unless he wears a special electrical devive that stimulates the flexion in his left foot. Fortunately Harry is right-handed so his school work is relatively unaffected. Obviously, he has lost the ability to play cricket and soccer, so he really misses playing with the local teams. This is a big loss as sport was a major part of his life.

    Thanks for asking.
    Can't post in your box so posting it here,

    The players you listed were proven performers in their department. Yes Barry Richards did not get the chance to show his skills in batting in international level but he proved plenty in first class. Those first class matches were more than competitive. He scored runs against quality bowlers and opposition. Also by looking at some of his video clips, the way he batted and taking all the eye witness accounts (including Bradman), fmpov it's ok if anyone picks Barry Richard. This is just an example of why there is not a problem fmpov. The same can not be said about AB's keeping. AB did not keep consistently to any quality spinners. He did not keep in one of the dustbowls. Yes he kept to Steyn and co and also took some diving catches but it sure is not enough fmpov to warrant the keeping position in ATG team. Also by watching him some of the matches of him keeping, I was not overly pleased.
    Don't suppose I could get your final XI for the PTOGT Draft, it's the last XI I need before we can start voting.
    Hi Andy, Could you go ahead with your final pick on the "With or Against Draft"? It has been quite some time since the last guy made his pick.
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