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  • I see you viewing the thread, and ftr, I do not condone sirmallaya's posts despite him making it seem like we're best buddies :P

    Just wanted to clarify.
    Hey buddy, all good.. I got myself few drinks at the "Civic Pub" in the city. Was an alright place.
    Yeah, they certainly went for a very scaled down version. Although if you think about it it is very Decemberistsy in the folkiness of it all. You have to laugh at their audacity to release a country album as well. I think the album gets even better also as you begin to understand the lyrics, for example the ones in Rise to Me relating to his son's autism.

    Critically, I'd rank it as one of their worst albums. Yet I've listened to it again and again and again. It just has a way of connecting with you and making you want to start again as soon as you finish, which is I guess what music should be all about.
    Hey no probs mate. All good. Hope the move goes well. How long you got to go?
    Candy!! Any good pubs around Dickson area. I'm currently at the Cliftons Hotel on Northbourne Avenue.
    TKID is number 1 in the US. And for a brief moment, everything in the world was right...
    well.. I dunno if you guys set much stall on this, but UC has been having his digs at me for a while and so did Marcuss in the threads where it all started.. I am not gonna blow my office time searching for threads where UC went after me but anyone who has read the forum enough would have seen that.. And a couple of posts you listed were pretty generic and stuff that is often seen from most posters here, including SJS.. I said what I felt and I think what I said was more than true.. I don't mind the warning and I will ensure I don't take shots again, but I would like more consistency from the mod team when cracking down on stuff like this, unless you have already sent out similar warnings to GF, Marcuss and UC.. of which I am not aware...
    Hmm, not sure yet. Only listed to it once. Had June Hymn which Colin sang down here and I've been waiting to listen again to ever since. It doesn't have a story like Hazards or Crane Wife so it certainly isn't epic, but it feels like it could really grow on you. Btw why not just go down to JB and get it?

    Also they performed the whole thing live over here.
    Betfair is far and away the best site for cricket betting I've found, for a few reasons, but annoyingly it only lets you bet from Australia during the match if you call them up, which is a hassle (you can still bet online pre-game but it's against the law here to bet online in-play for some obscure reason). I tend to use a mixture of that and bet365, which isn't as good but is a lot more convenient.
    And to you mate. Should be itstl. All the best to you and yours. Has Nixon spoken to you about meeting Pickup in Sydney at all?
    Happy new year top bloke you are, by normal standards and not just because you're filth. Have a great 2011.
    After the shock of it, your mate will appreciate that you care about him. You'll agonise over it far more than he does, Candy. Five gets you ten that in a few years' time he'll even have a lend of you about it. All the best mate.
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