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  • if u dont mind me asking , wats meant by tbh and NOTW?

    i see it used quite a many times in this forum.. sorry to trouble u
    I've been OK last few weeks, only reason I've not been on is, well... been a bit busy and just not got around to starting posting again. Has been the same way whenever I've been absent previously, I must get back into it soon. Will think "why did I leave it so long?" whenever I do start again.
    remember there used to be an option when you banned someone new that you could delete all their posts as spam. best part of being a mod.
    Great decision to start the ban announcements thread

    Just can't wait til someone posts that you've been banned
    Perceived authority in the subject and a plausible sounding but completely nonsense explanation that combines just the right amount of easily verifiable information with layers of complete bull**** (e.g, a cursory google search will score hits for eycl1, nucleus isthmi and optic tectum - but they don't really do anything remotely like what I say).

    Yea, I feel a little dirty peddling pseudoscience :p.
    If you have a problem with a specific post, report it. Or mail us. In the mean time, grow up and suck my gritz.
    Andyc, that post in CDM's thread was immature. In future please avoid posting in threads instead of needlessly derailing them.
    Ok I am trying to understand the system here.

    if I did not asterix any of the letters, and typed the whole word, would it get filtered automatically?
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