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Recent content by andyc

  1. andyc

    Proud of CricketWeb Today

    I'll fight you ****
  2. andyc

    Proud of CricketWeb Today

    Ha, read this today at work and thought I'd drop in to see how it registered. Good to see CW is still going strong :)
  3. andyc

    2nd Semi Final - Australia v India (26th March)

    Really pumped for this - going along and after popping my ODI cherry with the SL-SA quarter, this game will hopefully be a bit more exciting. Australia obviously favourites but India have surprised thus far in the tournament given their Australian tour, so who knows what will happen. Just...
  4. andyc

    Rejected Parody Thread Ideas

    Giving me Heef tonight
  5. andyc

    This theory that is mine. Makhaya Ntini - Umpires call on LBWs

    Well of course Ntini would want more leeway with where the ball could pitch.
  6. andyc

    33rd Match - England v Bangladesh (9th March)

    This game is basically just two **** teams trying to lose the game more than the other team. Who will blink first??
  7. andyc

    33rd Match - England v Bangladesh (9th March)

    Yeah think this sums it up. I want England to lose as much as the next man with a heart, but geez I'd be fuming if that potentially knocked my team out of the WC.
  8. andyc

    32nd Match - Australia v Sri Lanka (8th March 2015)

    **** me, Channel 9 saying Doherty will play. Watto also in for Marsh.
  9. andyc

    Warnie - Please Stop

    Just wait till he refuses to rule out a comeback to the Test team again.
  10. andyc

    11th Match - Australia v Bangladesh

    Not sure where to post this, so this'll do Cricket World Cup: Adam Gilchrist?s epic bender Legend
  11. andyc

    ***Official*** Australian Domestic Thread 2014/15

    Hahaha gold. Brad McNamara really does seem like a decently sized ****. Run at me, Brad.
  12. andyc

    Rejected Parody Thread Ideas

    Possible restrictions on Slats being looked at
  13. andyc

    Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect

    The way things are spoken about it I've always had the impression that much of it is ICC sanctioned, so players from all countries would have it. IIRC the hotline that Broad mentions has definitely been around a while so I'd be very surprised if all teams aren't given proper training, and...
  14. andyc

    Mohammed Amir cleared to return with immediate effect

    Really unhappy about this. Yes, he was young - and he still is - but you hear constantly about the kind of education these players get about the things to look out for and how to properly behave when approached with an offer. Look at what Stuart Broad had to say about it a while ago: I don't...
  15. andyc

    Pictures of Steve Smith

    Merry Smithmas!