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  • With the braces finally out, you're like a butterfly out of its cocoon, Andy. A beautiful, ***y butterfly.
    Hey Hermano, mind taking the "New Round" out of AFL LMS in the GSF. Cheers mate.
    Yeah mate, you're right and I apologise.

    Sometimes I get a bit worked up.

    Apologise to the guys for me please.
    i am creating a thread called Pro35 evolution plzzz del the one in world series relaunch plzzz
    my ban has been lifted and i am back to the forum plzzz delete all my other profiles so that i cannot open them and plzzz dont ban me again as i love this forum plzzzzz
    Come on Andy, you know better than that generic Ctrl C+Ctrl V response from the moderator's manual. The very point of my post was that you're never going to get your hands on any hard evidence. He isn't going to gift you guys a technical slip up. Its a judgement call you guys are going to have to make. Or choose not to make, as things stand. Things aren't going to change. You're going to keep getting an extremely pissed off member regularly as long as you guys hold this stance of demanding the proof that isn't going to come. I stand by every word in my last couple of posts there and don't appreciate having them deleted. If the method of choice for maintaining forum atmosphere is by sweeping things under the carpet, it isn't worth it, mate. You're just spoiling it for others to keep it nice and fresh for the one guy, who lets face it, really isn't making good use of a second chance as it is. I'm going to have to request that the posts be restored to their original state please.
    PLZZ dont ban me i love this forum i hv already been banned and am not being to log in i promise not to brk any rules again plzzzzz
    Clearly refers to the footy WC :p

    As a mod you shouldn't be encouraging nudity anyway! This will be the end of your career Cameron!
    Please photograph yourself at the exact moment when England beat Clarke and co tomorrow and post the results in WDYLL3

    Hey, try not to throw the "racist" card at people where possible. A number of posters have already expressed concern that other posters throw it around too much, so it's probably not the best form for us to do it. Just keep it at "unfair", "stereotypes", "that type of posting", etc.

    Personal tip, anyways. :)
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