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Agent Nationaux

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  • It was a fairly depressing week. However, people pick themselves up and move on. The capture of that idiot helped tons. I was really praying it wouldn't be a Muslim, but that was not to be. :-(
    I know he's not popular, though I'm never too sure why as I keep out of the OT threads where he upsets people, but as I tie break I always vote for those who say the nicest things about my articles, and sanz scores highly there - and yes I know that's shallow!
    I'd give it up mate - it was obvious what happened with Hafeez but the South African's in general can never take any criticism of their team or sportsmen even if they're in the wrong.
    Lol. You know, I'll vote for Imran if he promises to pass a law barring his secret love-child from every playing again for Pakistan.
    Haha, I don't think ANY fan base in the world can handle the dysfuntional PCB - or for that matter the dynamic that is Pakistan cricket!
    lol Im sure he will take bucketloads of wickets against us in SA. He has accuracy and bowls that nagging offstump line with just enough movement to find the edge.
    Haha, that would drive me bonkers. A great reason for me not to take part in avatar bets!
    Haha, I thought that would irk you. I think Gul as your avatar would be awesome. The next time he's being taken to the cleaners, I'm going to post in the thread asking "how come your boy sucks so bad?". :p
    I don't know man. On the one hand, it is disappointing to lose a game that was within your grasp. But on the other hand, it was against the best team in the world and we were playing shorthanded. It is a bad taste in the mouth for sure, but I think we should take the positives and build on them. And you are a Pakistani fan. If you cried after loses like these, you'll never be happy! :p
    dude, I am heart broken. I was following this match completely and the loss is just too much to bear. I probably won't be able to watch the 3rd match after this sad affair :(
    I think Anderson has the most mastery in terms of moving the ball both directions and both in the air and off the pitch. The fact that Steyn is obviously the better bowler shows it's not exactly something you need to succeed, but Anderson is the most highly skilled fast bowler going IMO. Philander is another who spring to mind who may fit your description, but he tends to just bowl with the seam perfectly upright and let the ball do what it may in the air and off the pitch; Anderson gets more movement than him, particularly through the air, by deliberately tilting the seam to bowl different deliveries; Philander is more a "natural variation" guy.
    Probably not. I watch it when it appears on Sky Atlantic and they're usually behind the US.
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